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2006 Scion tC CarPC install!

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  • 2006 Scion tC CarPC install!

    Hey there people!

    this is my first CarPC install and I am quite satisfied! although I still have to figure out how to get better radio reception by putting the boomzbox in a better location. But lets list what I got under my dash first.

    - ZOTAC IONITX-F-E Intel Atom Dual Core M350 Car PC System (M350 Universal Mini-ITX Enclosure)
    - BU-353 weatherproof GPS reciever
    - Doublesight DS-70U w/ 3M capacitive touch screen kit/retrofit
    - BoomzBox HD radio
    - 4 Port 5V powered USB port USB-MH20-GRY
    - Panasonic UJ-875A Slim Slot load DVD drive
    - Ultra Slim External Optical Drive Enclosure USB 2.0 for Slimline SATA Drives

    I am using my stock radio reciever in my glovebox as my amplifier for my PC. It's funny while making this list I assumed it would be longer, but I guess it was all in my mind lol.

    Now...for my pictures lol. its only 2 will have more up later

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    Hey man! That looks really good!! I bet all your friends are jealous lol. Mine arent because my system is pretty bare right now haha. Nice job !!!
    My worklog! - Budget Carpc with Removable Mimo 720-s Monitor


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      haha. Thanks respo87! I worked pretty hard to make it look clean and keep the stock tC cover usable on my carpc! I just have to work out a good place to put the boomzbox and I am pretty much done with my basic build. Good luck with your budget Carpc! I know how hard it is to keep under a budget with a carpc :P


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        How do you like your Doublesight screen?
        I was considering their 8.9" model, which differs in specs but at least I would have some better idea before dropping $140 or so...
        It looks just fine in the picture!
        Electronics work on magic smoke - don't let it out.


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          Very nice... i have that UJ-875A drive and it never worked.


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            How did you get the screen to get the right resolution, I have the same screen and the 3M touch kit and when I plug it in with just that monitor it wont set the resolution to 800 and is stuck at 720 and its quite annoying.

            Also how did you end up mounting it in the dash, im looking to do the same thing and have been trying to figure out the best way to do it.


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              sorry for my inactivity! lol

              first: the doublesight screen looks very nice, it does struggle a bit in direct sunlight, but most screens do. the 375 cd/m2 really helps. The only drawback is the 800x480 resolution, I wish it was slightly bigger since most things run better on a higher resolution, I have a hard time navigating some dialog screens.

              mikeTDI: lol yea so far the drive hasn't failed me yet...crosses fingers

              Nightjumper: I got the screen to turn on with the drivers from the website, didn't have a hassle. hmmm what version drivers are you using? I can try to compare with my pc


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                Thanks for the info!
                Electronics work on magic smoke - don't let it out.


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                  Is there a "face plate" that folds down over the screen? If so, that is kool. You can hide the screen when the car is parked.