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2008 Chrysler Town&Country 4 displays, 3 cameras, 3 audio-video sources

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  • 2008 Chrysler Town&Country 4 displays, 3 cameras, 3 audio-video sources


    I have conteplating on my car-pc-project for some time. Now I have something to show.

    Car for this project is my Chrysler Town & Country 2008. Bought it in October of 2008 with 3900 miles on odometer and shipped it into Estonia (Europe, next to Finland).

    Year ago (2009 August) did the initial installation, but I haven had time to share it with you.
    Anyway here is what i have done...

    (*) Key aspects
    • 3 independent displays (+1 original radio display), one for every row (car has 3 rows, seats 7), independent - meaning they can all show different picture (displays have 3 inputs: VGA+2xRCA)
    • 3 (for now) independent AV-sources: PC, Media-player (replaced by digi-tv tuner), iPhone (Apple Universal Dock)
    • Original stereo stays in for those un-experienced pc-users (read: my-wife)
    • car audiosystem can play all sources
    • headsets are dual-channel, one channel is constantly connected to media-player, second is switched between PC and iPhone
    • Directional microphone and webcam for skype
    • Secondary sound-card (speaker+mic) for Skype and navigation (this is always connected and active even if the car audiosystem plays other sources)
    • Front-faced camera on radiator grille for recording and night-vision
    • in-cabin rotating camera for skype conversation

    (*) Parts
    • 10.4" Display, Shark SHK1040, center console
    • 2x 8" Displays, Shark SHK840, overhead console
    • 3GHz Pentium HT, 250GB HDD, Ati radeon 4300 (was IBM T42 Laptop, 1.7GHz, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, RideRunner)
    • 1/2 din media player, Shark SHKD2000U, plays: DVD, DivX, mp3, jpg, wma, etc... (is replaced with digi-tv tuner)
    • 1x powered USB-hub, Belkin, 7-port
    • 2x 4-port USB-hub, Trust
    • USB webcam, Logittech Orbit, rotating, for skype video-conference
    • USB slot-loading DVD-drive
    • GPS, USB, Holux
    • USB soundcard, secondary audio for navigation and skype
    • directional microphone Audigy Sundmax Superbeam
    • Camera, nightvision, with additional leds
    • extra led-pack for night-vision
    • USB video-capture for camera above, Terratec Grabby
    • Inverter 12V-220V, 300W
    • VGA splitter, 4-port (3 displays)
    • 2x video amplifier, 8-port (ordered 4-port, got 8-port), (3 displays)
    • Internet connection, CDMA, 450MHz, Axesstel MV410, speed down ~3Mbps, up ~1.8Mbps, works great on the move!
    • keyboard-touchpad combo, for control and daily usage KP-810-02
    • Logitech Dinovo2 Bluetooth, keyboard, for actual work, when needed.
    • dual-channel Alpine IR transmitter for headphones
    • 2x dual-channel Alpine IR heaphones
    • Apple universal dock with remote
    • iPhone Audio-Video cable
    • Chinese DVB-T H.264 digi-tv tuner

    (*) ToDo...
    • subwoofer and mono-amp installation
    • Fusionbrain installation and integration (have it, need to learn it)
    • Replace last-row 8" display (broke it on installation) :-(

    (*) And of corse ... pictures..



    Original plan:

    Building Process

    Ceiling console:

    Custom molding:

    Fitting in:

    During installation I found bug from the system :

    GPS and additional speaker in middle of the dash:

    Pureaudio USB soundcard for additional speaker and directional mic and yellow is framegrabber for front camera:

    Front camera on left and additional light on right (on picture, IRL its vice versa):

    Behind the front display: yellow-connectors are 2x video MUX, top-left is VGA mux:

    Below 2nd row seats (in place where you can fold 2nd row seats) is place for computer, grey boxes are 220V outlets:

    Fitting IR-transmitters into ceiling console:

    Ceiling connectors:

    Before putting it all together:


    Just below ceiling lights you can see IR-transmitters for earphones:

    Slot-loading DVD-drive and usb-hub:

    In retrospect I have some thoughts...
    • Do not use cheap parts... 10" display touch-function broke in first week, media player gave up after 2 months, usb-video grabber was DOA.
    • Use proffessionals for things, that you are not good. (custom-molding was done by proffesionals and I like it)

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    Impressive. Very well done!


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      the van itself isn't my cup of tea but your install is pretty sweet!

      the only thing i couldn't tell is what did you do with the air vents you removed? did you relocate them? how has that affected the cabin temperature when you're running the ac or heat?


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        WOW! This is just AWE-to-the-SOME.

        Please post some more pictures if you have...


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          So did you put the CarPC where the stow n go seats would fold thus making it not possible to put down one of the seats?
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            Originally posted by tbird2340 View Post
            So did you put the CarPC where the stow n go seats would fold thus making it not possible to put down one of the seats?
            Yes and no.

            I have been camping with this bus couple times. I have mattress (120x200 CM), that fits exactly to the back of the van when both back seats are in the floor. For this I have to take the PC out of the seat bay and put it between front seats, wires are long enough for that and move the console from there to the front seat.

            So basically yes, it blocks the seat place, but it is easily displacable when needed.