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Renault megane ii break carpc

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  • Renault megane ii break carpc

    Hello, i am from Portugal and i will show here my carpc setup.
    It took me long time to think about this project because i wanted the things as clean as possible. I remove the original head unit that come with the car and used the double DIN space to insert a lilliput 7" touch screen. To colect the hardware an installing took me almost a YEAR, that's because I only could work on the week ends.

    I would like to thank all you people from this site as i have learned a lot from the experiences i saw here.

    So here is the list of the components:

    Mobo: Intel ATOM Mini ITX;
    RAM: 1 Gb;
    Sound: Onboard VIA;
    Case: Voom PC;
    PSU: M2-ATX;
    Speakers: Original car speakers; for now i am satisfied with it;
    Amp: SONY XPLOD 50W rms 4 channel;
    Front End: I am almost finishing from writing my own FE, but for now i am using most IcT and FreeIce;
    GPS Software: Igo8PC;

    Now some pics of the hardware:





    I have to say that the thing is running very smoothly with any issues, and i am very satisfied with the final result!

    Later I will post more pics of the work.


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    Ok here are then some pics of the install:

    The location of the screen on the center console. Note: The center console is very easy to remove, it's just 4 bolts and it's off.

    The case and apm location in the bag

    The first fitting of the screen with fiberglass. The Megane console is perfect for a 7" screen!

    And now the screen already installed

    And that's it! Unfortunately i didn't take any pictures during the hard work installation.



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      can you please tell me where the 4 bolts are located??


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        The bolts are located in that white plastics that appears in the picture with the console off the frame.

        Hope it helps.


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          Is there a site that offers for every car model a tutorial to remove the facade (head unit)?

          You did the job very clean. Respect.


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            Thanks. I had a problem with this screen!! I have cleaned it up with a product that did blow the touchscreen. Now I have another screen with a slightly diferences. When I take some pictures I post them here.


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              Im just about to buy a Megane 2005 myself. A bit larger than yours but it has the same front console where the double din radio is. Ill remove that and put a screen there.


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                Any one think about relocated clim control and move screen up ?

                I've megane 2 and i find that double din place is too low.