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1998 Honda Accord (soon to be departing shots)

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  • 1998 Honda Accord (soon to be departing shots)

    My own custom work on my 6th generation Honda Accord. What you're seeing here is a sound system and a car computer installed into the car.

    Unfortunately, I will be selling this car soon after I remove all the custom work. It has 170K miles and scrap on the fender, a noise from the axle. I just do not want to spend the time fixing up an older car.

    In the near future I also plan to post pics taken on how I did the custom work.

    Biostar MicroATX with 2600+ XP-M
    Xenarc TS VGA
    60GB Notebook Drive
    Opus 150W PSU
    Rikaline 6010 GPS
    Gyration Keyboard and Mouse (for passengers)
    Creative USB Sound Processor for easy headunit aux input integration
    Motorola Droid Wifi Hotspot service