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  • Dodge Cummins

    Day view at the best angle

    Night time view

    Another White Dodge Truck in Texas

    Computer: Fujitsu 1200...cut apart...20gig HD

    Display: VGA DSTN, but I have TFT to replace it.

    Audio out: USB D/A (removed from Labtec great)

    OS: win98SE (Lite)

    Software: Winamp2.xx + SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading
    Delorme StreetAtlas (RWE)
    TightVNC (for remote admin)

    Network: Wi-Fi with external antenna

    Stereo: Pioneer Stereo, Nakamichi Amps and Crossover, some other audio processors, MB Quart Speakers, 2 10" Subs.

    Other junk using up electricity: Valentine 1 radar detector, Garmin GPS35, CB, Electric Steps

    The truck itself is an old beater '96 Dodge 2500 Extended cab with 8' bed (22' long...will only fit in larger than normal garages), obviously the power is a Cummins Turbo Diesel running through a 5speed stick. The original power output was 215HP and 440 FP Torque, but there are a couple of mods to the fuel delivery system so now it makes more power (and smoke and noise) than stock.
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    Pretty nice and clean...

    i swear that neighborhood looks familiar though... Rockwall/Rowlett?


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      I'm curious what you use Wizmo for in the truck?


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        All texas neighborhoods look the same...but I have driven through Tyler a few times.

        I let wizmo shut down the system. I haven't needed it to do anything else.

        But it shuts down in about 6-10 seconds now after I push the F2 key.
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          As an update, I have cleaned up the install a bit, and added a TFT screen. And I have Girder with an ATI rf remote control doing all the work.

          (oh yea, now it netstumbles also)
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