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Face lifting my most loved baby - new legs & the perfect 8" double-din install

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  • Face lifting my most loved baby - new legs & the perfect 8" double-din install

    Its been just over a year since I bought my 2. Though the car has very few miles on it and has been garaged all its life, my problem of being an idiotic perfectionist drove me to tune & replace parts most of this year.

    The beginning of last month, I was left with two primary upgrades to accomplish - New Legs & a New Din & with both fitted, its a joy to post this thread -

    Need to start by thanking my friend Vaibhav & both of us dearly THANK this forum for all the information it houses, I wonder where we'd go looking for answers had it not been for this place.

    (I'm a sucker for stock when it comes to the car's engine & body therefore care was taken to ensure no cutting & pasting around the original dimensions of the interior.)

    The Baby (1990 Toyota MR2 JDM - Turbo)

    The Goods
    IBM Thinkpad R52
    IBM Replicator II (Cable management is great)
    8" Lilliput 869 (From mp3 store)
    GPS receiver (From mp3 store)
    Space Navigator SE
    Rubber Keypad (forgot brand)
    Belkin 7 port usb dock (output 5v 3.8amps, powered by adaptor - 220v in, 5v/3.8amps out)
    Belkin AC-DC converter 12v input, Max 200w output (currently happy to power screen, laptop & Belkin USB dock)
    Laptop power on incorporated to dash with laptop mounted permanently under seat with replicator.
    Secondary acc switch incorporated

    Wheels -
    Lenso 16" NX
    Tyres -
    Front - Yokohama S Drive 205/50
    Rear - Yokoham Decibel 225/50
    I've yet to take worthy pics of these, will post soon.

    The Ugly

    The End


    Learning -
    - There are potent 220 volts running in your car with a DC-AC converter set up & if you're not conscious of it, those volts can bite you in the donkey.
    - A 7" double din for the MR2 double din slot is a waste of active area with 8" screens around. I was shipping across the globe, therefore accurate measurements were critical
    (Stripping the frame & setting the screen behind the dash cavity - and the first view of the front was blissful.) Can't say for other cars.
    - No matter what quality, AC converters if starved of power will surely blow fuses & short circuit in their core.
    - Give the GPS receiver some time to figure its whereabouts post first install
    - It pays to run a secondary ACC switch... will suit your moods, every day's not the same
    - The space navigator can be a pain to start control with but given some time & calibration, it can prove a wonder.
    - The rca output cable from cpu to system's aux in... ground it on the stereo/ head unit side & it'll take care of most of the noise interference. Don't f with it unless your power is off/ volume is nil.

    I'll get home & take some shots of the control buttons to power Thinkpad & ACC secondary + pics of new wheels.

    Thanks for reading & thanks once again for all the resident knowledge & resources here. Pls let me know what you think
    (Sorry for the crap pics)

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    nice install, i've been looking for a mr2 for a while. How many miles you got on it? your mr2 is in great condition.


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      Thanks Kasemodz, its inside 40k & compression tests show stock values.
      If you're looking for a good MR2 buy & need the exact forums, & if you've not visited already. Owners have some very clean 2s & there's a good car up for sale every now & then. As we speak, there are a few. I'm registered on both these forums as TrakTurtle & would be glad to help in any way.
      Glad you liked the install


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        WOW! great job, looks great.

        is that keyboard removable? do you find it uncomfortable to twist and type? ever hit it with your arm by accident?

        do you get any noise using the inverter? i used to get shocking noise through my stereo when using one.
        Holden FTW!
        Carpc Mk 1
        Carpc Mk 2 (in Progress)


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          Thanks Kensbey, its a rubber pad... just roll it & dump it in your car console when not in use. The photo you saw is just one place it can be used in... it works perfectly on the lap, dash...anywhere.

          I grounded the aux in input cables on the Pioneer Head unit side & that took care of any noise. Whatever was left was eliminated with more ground across various points in the circuit.


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            Wheel pic
            Attached Files


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              Front, side & rear
              Attached Files


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                looks good! did that 8" lcd fit perfectly in the double din with out cutting a bigger hole?


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                  It was a simple - remove lcd frame & place lcd in din slot operation mate... not even a file used to accomodate screen


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                    wow exactly 4x7 viewable area? nice im going to pick 1 up, thanks a lot!


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                      Anytime cruise, glad I could be of help


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                        How long do you think the adapter was to run the USB cable? I want to buy this screen as well but I need to run about 15 feet worth of DVI and USB cables to the rear of my car. Was just wondering if I needed anything else special to do this, other than a usb and dvi female to female adapter to extend the cables.


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                          If your setup needs VGA, pick it up from the store to cover your length.

                          My set up only needed an additional 1 ft of adapter for the touch screen usb to get from one side of the laptop to the other.

                          I'm not using DVI.
                          - I have an extended cable for aux in running from car head unit to cpu. About 5 ft.
                          - Standard VGA cable with touch screen usb. Used an extention of 1.5ft for touch screen usb.
                          - Power supply adapter, the IBM adapter has a long enough cable to go anywhere.
                          - The usb cable with the 7 port Belkin hub is about 5ft... more than sufficient for my setup to go from laptop under the seat to the speaker area, where the hub is resting.
                          - The only cabling mod & rework I needed was the cpu power supply button, the power source to the Belkin 220v converter & plenty ground.


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                            You're lucky you used a small unit that can go under a seat. I'm putting a car pc in a Saab with 8 way adjustable seats so there is actuators and electronics under all the seats. How wide is this monitor without the casing? I know with the casing it is 8.3 inches which would be too big for my available opening.

                            Thanks .