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  • Evo 2005 project

    Hi All

    I have an evo 8 that I've had for about 3 year now and have been doing various bits on it since then. About a year or so ago I installed a car PC running riderunner and crystal silver skin (pics beloew).

    I also need your help my car has been short listed for the total evolution magazine car idol competition, and I was wondering if you could vote for me ( or which ever car you like most ) I'm number 2 Andrew Shaw.

    Voting is done here:

    Here are some pictures to wet your appetite,

    thanks Andy

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    Hey man, great install! You got my vote!


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      thanks for the comments and the vote, hoping for a few more from me fellow mp3car members


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        Looks great mate! Where abouts in the UK are you?

        Only question i have is....can you remove that screen or is it totally moulded in place?

        EDIT: Btw your winning with 18.16% of the votes!


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          the screen is molded into the dash panel, so is none removalable unless you take out the dash part,