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97 Mercury Mountaineer Carpc

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  • 97 Mercury Mountaineer Carpc

    I finally got around to posting some pictures.
    I have a 97 Mercury Mountaineer with the JBL Premium system.While installing my carpc I found out that the car already had a computer built in. I'll post some pictures of the stock system and documentation I found on Ford ACP.
    It was quite sweet during the Clinton administration but, times change.
    What I've installed.

    1. m4-atx power supply
    2. Mobile Authority 120 watt amp. Not the best but, I got it for free.
    3. Intel D945gclf2 Atom 330
    4.) Linksys Wifi
    5.) Lilliput eby-701 Touch Screen
    6.) GlobalSat Bu-353
    7.)Linux ice(currently) Meego or Android in future (sorry tripzero)

    Things to be done.
    1.)Car whisper
    7.)Script to add wifi to POI in Navit and Key to keyring.
    8.)M4-ATX API

    First step was to go to a junk-yard and grab a new bezel.

    A little planning

    After a little dermel work

    The Eby-701 monitor is simply press fit into the bezel. Surprisingly, It is very hard to tell that the monitor is not part of the bezel.

    I have more pictures but, I need to go to bed. I'll keep updating.
    The main issue I'm encountering is a very annoying hum. It only occurs when the computer is plugged into the amplifier. Other audio sources do not produce the hum.Hopefully, I should be able to eliminate the hum with a common ground.