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Android Phone cheap build on Mitsubishi Ralliart

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  • Android Phone cheap build on Mitsubishi Ralliart

    Bought the new Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart 2010, bought an car that was in stock so i couldenīt choose any options on the car! the only thing this car had in audio tech was a AUX in on the stereo.

    so this is what i accomplished to do in 4 hours in my garage.

    Total build cost about 50 Euro!
    bought a wired hands free which had a 3.5mm connector for headphones threw those away and soldered a new cable with 3.5mm in one end and 2 RCA connectors in the other end for the AUX IN. hooked it all up and hid almost all cables behind the dash.

    why i put the phone on the handbrake was because it felt so easy to navigate on the screen with the elbow on the middle armrest (iīm more into having it practical than good looking)

    now i have the basic functions that i really need in a car (MP3 PLAYER,GPS,HANDSFREE)
    the music fades down on incoming call
    gps voice navigation

    must say all of this works pretty dam good!

    by the way i have a HTC DESIRE phone, couldn't take a picture of the phone on the armrest cause i used the phone for taking pictures...
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