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2005 Suzuki Skywave(Burgman) 400 - MaxiScooterPC (many photos)

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  • 2005 Suzuki Skywave(Burgman) 400 - MaxiScooterPC (many photos)

    Hi everyone ) Here i want to tell you how i installed PC into my poorly scooter...

    Here it is ) So blue and so cool. It's the day when i bought it =)
    After one summer of riding i started to think about music on it.
    I'm an IT specialist and i want to have PC in my scoot then...
    By the long winter night i started the crashing... disassemblying it.

    Naked... It's sooo many things to do.
    But first, my initial plans:
    -16cm component speakers
    -Not so bad amplifier
    -Motherboard from EeePC 700-900
    -1/2din screen ejecting over dashboard
    -Some uC controlling system with little screen
    -Bigger battery
    -DC Current meter (charging monitor)
    And so on...

    The first thing that needs so much job is the speaker's podium.
    First attempts:

    Then i decided to do not use MDF(wood) and use glass fiber with epoxy only:
    Masking covers:

    First layer:


    Sooo... It's first step. Too far from the end.
    I know, that the works with fiberglass brings many-many dust of fiber.. Sooo i built improvised room with


    Not perfect, but it done its job perfectly!

    Now with MAKROFLEX (Polyurethane foam) and wooden ring...

    This stick is for utilitary purpose. It is place where to halfes mount and unmount whole panel easly!

    It were glued with thermal-glue. Will be epoxited in future,

    Screws for the fiberfiller:

    Trying on!

    Nice.... But so far from the end too....

    With speakers:

    Some time later:

    Lets make a little break from speakers and speak about PC =)
    At the beginning of this project i started to search for motherboard from EeePC... Used EeePC 901 costs about

    220$ in our country. Motherboard for it - 200$... 0_o
    But i found the solution: i bought used EeePC 901, sold lcd, keyboard and other parts. So the motherboard was

    cost only 50$ for me! =)

    But first things first.

    Places for high freq. speakers ))))

    Then i bought this thing. This is resistive buttuns USB interface with encoder.
    Some work with Dremel and....

    Trying on motherboard and podium works:

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    First experements with lcd... It look like all is goot, but its not.... The lcd can't eject in this position.

    Russian winter motives:

    And back to the workshop

    Positioning of the screen:

    Now it looks more finished.

    Placing motherboard:

    One more:

    12VDC-12VDC converter for EeePC battery charging and power supply:

    All together:

    The case made from whatever i found... Son its not so pretty looking.

    Making of center cover:

    My PC ))))

    First experiments with uC's

    New battery cover at trunk box. New battery will be twice bigger... So it was moved to the trunk. And the PC case

    will be in the place of battery.

    Ugly PCcase on its place.

    Battery, its cover and Amp.

    The relay board:

    First version of uC board:

    And finished boards:

    There are atmega128 controlling screen and buttons and two atmega16. One for i/o, second for DC Current control.

    The screen is from Siemens S65 mobile.

    PC in process:

    Blue thing is the watercooling waterblock =)

    Some time ago:


    First running:

    Water cooling pump:

    And radiator:


    And wiring...

    Amp assembly:

    There was end of may... Sun is shining.... And i'm working with my bike istead of ridind on it.
    Because of it next works is done "as fast as i can"...

    It's FINISHED!

    It's me ))

    So.. I hadn't much time to done all my thoughts, but the system works perfectly. I tried to use Centrafuse, but i

    dont like it. So i used foobar only with Garmin navigation. Several weeks after i installed webcamera from eeepc

    and got abbility to capture some video at 320x240 ))) After three weeks the touchscreen brooke down So i

    bought from eBay Rii 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard Touch Pad Laser Presenter and last summer ride with it =) Music

    sounds great! =) uC system freezes only twice in fact that it was my first programming on C ever! Watercooling

    works perfectly too. Cooling down the motherboard at the 35C on street.
    Now i dont know the desteny of upgrade of this setup. Maybe next year. Maybe i'll change the scooter earlier.

    Video from camera
    1. mirrored. there is no artifacts on thr original
    2. lost it somewhere ((((

    Thanks for reading it and Sorry for my poorly english =)


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      Wow! That's a great job! A scooter install is definitely a challenging project - nice job with it.

      Where did the touchscreen go before it broke down?
      Originally posted by ghettocruzer
      I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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        Thanks =)
        I didn't realize why and when it cracked. I think that it was broken because of bad construction of the monitor. Metal frame that arounds LCD pushed somehow on the glass in one point.


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          That's what it's all about right there.


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            Very Very Cool!
            My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE