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2005 Subaru Outback XT

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  • 2005 Subaru Outback XT

    A few modifications from the original design.

    Put the project on the back burner for a while, then had a couple of hardware failures. Replaced and upgraded the screen and motherboard, re-wired, etc..

    I custom designed the computer's main case in Solidworks and had it "printed" on a 3D printer from ABS plastic.
    You can see that the VGA and USB connections have been routed through one single connector.

    I cut the ends off a regular USB and VGA cable and put my own ends on them. This way I have only one connector between the computer and the display, and the cables are the exact length that I want them to avoid having several feet of cabling coiled up somewhere.

    I custom made the display's bezel and modified the lilliput's video/power/usb connector. Again, one connection just like it would be if it was a factory system.

    The USB hub behind the screen is where the GPS receiver will plug in.

    Overview of system.
    Power supply still needs an enclosure and I don't have access to the machine that made the computer's enclosure anymore. Any ideas? I might just break down and buy a PSU with the right enclosure. Thank you Opus for not making one.

    The two large white connectors on the side of the system:
    The smaller one brings power into the computer, the large one connects USB, VGA and power to the display

    Behind the monitor
    The regular lilliput AIO connector was modified with new wires into a new connector. One nice big connector for all the wires.

    Now, I need to decide if I want to use my Sirius SC-C1 and Sirius/USB adapter or get a sirius tuner for my car's head-unit. It would be nice to have that on the carputer's screen, but the bulky wires and multiple parts that make that up is something I don't want to deal with.

    And of course a proper enclosure for the power supply...

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    137 views and no comments?!?! Bahz!


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        it looks good
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          nice install! i think it looks factory...any pics of it in the car?
          what type of computer are you using?


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            Originally posted by sebberry
            137 views and no comments?!?! Bahz!
            It's probably because it's titled 'Ourback'.

            Seriously, it's looking good. Have fun with your project.

            Edit: Entered the 'search' emoticon by accident. Just took it out.
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              Looks good. Nice work!
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                I changed the title.... hmm...

                Thanks, I don't have any pictures of it in the car yet, but I did do one test fit.

                The only problem is that the clock/trip computer display that must be removed for this to fit in, also has a passenger side airbag status display, and when this module is disconnected, I get an Airbag warning light on the dash, so no driving around with that in yet.

                You can see in the attached pics that there is a way to relocate the clock down to in front of the gear selector where the ashtray is. I will need to get that kit.

                The other pic is a factory navi system from a 2006 Legacy GT (Same interior as mine to give you an idea of where the screen will go)
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                  Tis great to see another Scooby on the forums here!!! Keep up the good work, and keep us posted


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                    Originally posted by techy101
                    Tis great to see another Scooby on the forums here!!! Keep up the good work, and keep us posted
                    Thanks! How do you like your FXT?


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                      very nice and Very clean install, it even looks like stock :O


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                        Originally posted by Kiriller
                        very nice and Very clean install, it even looks like stock :O

                        Aargh! It would look more stock if I could find a finish to match the factory look... just flat black right now, sticks out like a sore thumb


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                          Look at this.!

                          Girder with Igor plugin

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                          Morex 55W PSU
                          12VDC Regulator
                          IBM DJSA-220 20GB
                          90% completed in a plastic case (8"x10"x2.5")


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                            Originally posted by SportivoWISH
                            Look at this.!

                            Ok SportivoWish, could you give more details on those pics? The top one looks like its the display relocator to where the ashtray is. I'm planning on installing a computer into my Legacy but I'm very picky on how it will look. Those look really nice and I would be interested in them. I've looked on AVOTURBOWORLD.COM and can't seem to find those on the site.

                            Sebberry, any updates to your project.I'm very interested in yours since both of our cars have the same dashboard.


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                              AVO posted this info on… Too bad the vent bezel is oriented for RHD (i.e JDM Legacy’s only) and will not work on US cars. I’m down Sebberry’s install and am in the process of doing the same. You can pick up a replacement vent bezel new for just over $50 bucks to begin the fabrication on leaving your original unit intact.

                              Nice job Sebberry…!