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2006 Cadillac Escalade Ext

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  • 2006 Cadillac Escalade Ext

    Here is my truck... A 2006 Cadillac Escalade Ext.

    Thanks to Tom and Todd at Car Tunes for all there hard work.

    Sony Oled Display. Very Rare
    Mac Mini
    Alpine X303

    Due to the fact that this mac mini does not have a harness so it can be remotely turned on. I put a push actuator on it that remotely turns it on.
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    I am doing up my 2006 Esclade right now. Love the relocation of the AC controls, and of course that beautiful big OLED. Can you post a little more info on it? Actually considered doing something very similar but stepped away from it because around these here parts it would be too much bait for the bad guys.

    So, mine's going to be a lil' more subdued, monitor down low where the clock is. I am going to do mod the roof console and probably locate those controls to the center console or glove box. Do you miss the storage space much?

    BTW, where did you put the traction control switch and is the NAV unit still hooked up?

    Again, nice pro job, best of luck with it!
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      looks great, how did they end up doing the top panel?
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        Very cool intall, great fit and finish! Can you still use the console for some storage?

        What did you do with the OEM headunit?
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          Damn this came out great. Nice work1
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            I'm curious to know how long it took from start to finish. The quality looks great.


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              The OLED is made by sony and is HDMI. I Purchased it for $300 at best buy it was a open box item. it is 1080 and amazing display.

              I dont really miss the space.. I can use the glove box if I want

              The Traction control switches are behind the glove box. I never really used them any ways.. so There just back there..

              The Navigation unit is gone.. I am using the alpine and a gmos-4 to run the radio .. The mac mini plays through an aux port on the radio

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              Everything is done in plastic. They sanded down the wood grain and re-sprayed everything for a matching look

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              3 days total


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                Here are some more pics of the truck with the rims on it in Autorama
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                  Heres some pics of the display.. This was probably the hardest piece to fabricate around!!!!!!!!!
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                    Heres the link to the shop that finished up the project for me!!