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2000 Volkswagen Jetta Complete Install

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  • 2000 Volkswagen Jetta Complete Install

    This project took way longer than I thought and WAY more money than I thought. It is complete now, but for certain reasons I need to get a different car, so now that all the bugs are out of it I won't be able to enjoy it. In my next car I won't be doing a CarPC at first due to a lack of time and different priorities in my cash flow right now, but with the amount that I have learned with this one, when I do do another one it will be much better and hopefully a lot smoother install.

    I don't have time right now to go through all the itty bitty details, but hopefully I'll get a chance to put up some more info soon.

    I wanted to keep the system as much integrated and OEM into the interior of the car as possible. Other than the large speaker box in the trunk and some ports in the front the car looks relatively stock/OEMish. I had a few issues with it freezing and sound issues, but in the end it all work awesome now and the sound is amazing.

    Intel DG45FC Mini-ITX Board
    Intel E4500 Core2Duo Processor
    (2) 1GB Kingston DDR2-677 RAM
    OPUS DCX.6-360 Watt DC-DC Power Supply
    (2) OPUS 15 Watt DC-DC Point Of Load 5V Power Supply DCL11
    Pioneer DVR-K06 Slot Loading DVD/CD Writer
    WD ScorpioŽ Blue WD2500BEVS 250GB SATA Laptop HD
    Patriot Memory 32GB SSD
    Visteon HDZ300 HD Radio Tuner
    GlobalSat BU-353 USB Sirf III GPS Reciever
    Dynamix 816 Touch Screen Monitor
    (2-pairs) Infinity Kappa 60.9cs Speakers
    (2) Rockford Fosgate P3D212 (Dual 2-ohm) Subs
    JL Audio Slash v2 Series 300/4v2 (75W x 4 @ 2ohms) Amp
    JL Audio Slash v2 Series 1000/4v2 (1000W x 1 @ 2ohms) Amp
    Tsunami LITEWAVE Series PP1002TM 2-Farad Cap
    (3) JL Audio CL-RLC Volume Controlled Preamp
    Creative Sound Blaster Live 24-bit External (USB)
    MJS HD Radio Cable
    And many more other pieces of hardware

    Windows XP
    Had Garmin, but now iGuidance
    .Net Mobilephone Plugin
    MJS HD Radio Plugin
    Vag-com OBD-II built in
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    Very nice factory look, yeah the first one always takes longer for sure. perfection takes time, mistakes to be made. Good luck on your next adventure. SNO


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      Looks good. Too bad you have to part with it. Bets of luck when you get to #2 though.
      My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE


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        The install looks simple, elegant and efficient. The quality of work is outstanding. Best of luck with the new vehicle.


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          Are the RCA ports in or output? Nice install tho