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MK4 Golf Complete Car-PC (Laptop Mobo Based)

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  • MK4 Golf Complete Car-PC (Laptop Mobo Based)

    Just finished (again) my car-pc install. Changed from a compaq to a dell mobo and also changed out the 3 cheap usb hubs for D-Links due to numerous bugs with the old system. All now working sweet as a nut, but unfortunately Ive finished it to sell the car so some lucky so and so is going to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

    Heres the car:

    Heres the PC...

    Fitted in modified standard boot compartment
    Motherboard: Dell D800 Laptop - Customised Mounting Frame
    CPU: Intel Centrino-M 1.8GHz
    Memory: 1.5GB
    Hard Disk: 60Gb 7200Rpm
    Wireless: Dell TrueMobile WLAN 802.1b/g
    Bluetooth: Dell Broadcomm (BlueSoleil V6 Stack)
    Soundcard: Creative Audigy 2 NX 5.1 (External USB)
    TV Tuner: Huappage Nova-TD Digital Diversity Tuner (USB)
    Radio: Silabs USB FM Tuner
    GPS: Holux GPSlim 236 SIRFStar III External Bluetooth (wired but removable from glovebox). Antenna repeater installed on dash.
    PSU: Carnetix CNW-1900P (20/5V Intelligent start up/shutdown)

    In car:
    Screen: Lilliput 7" Transreflective 16:9 aspect Touchscreen - Installed with Custom Double DIN Brushed Aluminium Bezel
    Fingerprint Reader: USB Microsoft Reader Fitted in custom Brushed Aluminium Plate in Ashtray
    Wireless Keysonic Brushed Aluminium laptop sized keyboard, with built in Mouse Trackpad
    DVD-RW: 24x Slot load (Stealth mounted in modified centre console above ashtray)
    Diagnostics: Hardwired VAG-Com cable connected to back of OBDII Port
    TV: Amplified Diverse TV Antennas stealth mounted in rear side windows
    Microphone (Stealth Mounted in driver's A-pillar)
    Additional USB connection in Glovebox

    OS: Windows XP Pro - Startup/Shutdown/Logon Screens etc, VW In Car Themed
    HMI: RideRunner
    Audio: WinAmp
    DVD: Power-DVD
    TV: DVBViewer
    Video: VLC
    SatNav/Speed Cameras: Sygic Drive RC13/Nov 2010 PocketGPS Camera file
    Diagnostics: Vag-Com
    Handsfree: Mobilephone.Net

    Alpine 450W RMS V12 5 Channel Amp (mounted to back of Sub housing)
    Rockford Fosgate 12" Sub
    Infinity Kappa Rear 3-Way Speakers
    Infinity Reference Front Component Speakers
    Optima Red Top Performance SpiralCell AGM Battery

    Few more pics of the other bits to follow tomorrow when there's more daylight!

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    Nice looking car, and install. Too bad you are going to sell it.

    did you ever make the screen tilt?

    I have done 2 installs with the bezel you sold me way back then. still looks good!
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      Hey Trititan,
      Thanks for the feedback man. IIRC you were the first to get the bezel from the group buy up and installed!! Glad to hear they are still going strong for you. Yeah Im pretty gutted about selling the car, but Im onto bigger and better things (emigrating to central america) so its not such a bad thing!

      I changed my xenarc out for a transreflective lilliput I got at the right price (because I damaged the xenarc's tft during the install) so never built a tilt mechanism!


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        Nice and clean install. I don't know why that never crossed my mind to just use the laptop mobo instead of having it in base w/ no screen.
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          thats nice