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05 350z iPad install v2.0

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  • 05 350z iPad install v2.0

    this is my second install of the iPad in my z. The first was a portrait setupand after finding several apps that look better in landscape and finally building up my music video collection a bit I decided to do a landscape. Sorry no real build log for it but just a few finished pics. But I will answer any questions you might have about how it was done

    It is jailbroken and I made the theme to imitate a pioneer radio. The Nissan logo is the boot screen. I made my own av cable as the one I originally bought did not support full charging on the iPad and apparently had a short bc it kept trying to play video out every time I hit a bump.

    It still has a pioneer 3200bt headunit mounted behind it as I have not gotten around to buying the eq and 4 channel amp yet. I might make a video to show the functionality of it this weekend.

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    Any pics of the full dash? I like the gauges, but the screen area could have used some more time to look better. However, if its u'r just starting to work w/ fiberglass its expected. Maybe mine would look worse if I tried my hand at fiberglass.
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      I agree it could look better but without modifying the rest of the dash to fit the full width of the iPad this is about as good as it can be and it could be smoother but I just don't have the patience to work with bondo for very long and there isn't a decent body shop within 100 miles to have it done


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        Honestly I think you should have mounted it upright. I'm planning on putting an ipad in my trans am and it just wont fit or look right mounted horizontally. Its too wide for the dash, similar to your 350z. But i definitely think its a great effort and looks good enough. I'm kinda a perfectionist so yeah.
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          Not bad...the aesthetics could use some love, but not bad..
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