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2003 Suzuki Jimny Car PC

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  • 2003 Suzuki Jimny Car PC

    I have been collecting parts for a car pc for the last 3 years and sold on several of the cars it was destined for

    But I have finally got it fitted and running in something even if it is the smallest car with the least room of all of them. Although this has been a long time comming, what I wanted it to do has remained the same. I wanted something capable of running Sat Nav for both on road and off road trips on a reasonably sized screen making reading directions and operating on screen buttons a bit easier than the PDAs I am used to using.

    So the car.... Its a Suzuki Jimny which I have carried out quite a few mods to. This is now my green lanning toy which has replaced a fairly long line of Suzukis.

    Here it is parked next to a std Jimny

    Being a soft top I wanted the install to be as secure as possible while still remaining permantly fitted in the car so I was decided to remove the air bags which are not a legal requirement in the UK and not entirely suited to the vehicles use.

    Passenger air bag cover which clips into place and covers the screen when the system is not in use.

    Dissable the air bag system and remove these

    Leaving some room to work with

    Screen rough fitted

    And then trimmed as best as I could to neaten it up

    I fitted a remote on/off switch in thew dash

    And a GPS reciever

    I also fitted a couple of USB ports into the center console for easy access

    Here is the PC itself

    It cant be seen when the seat is in its normal position.

    I have both my on and off road sat navs up and running with hard drive stored MP3s available running through Media Engine which I am now playing with to design my own skin. Its all a learning curve for me but so far anything else I get working will be a bonus so I am happy
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    Nice work. Hope you have flood insurance. lol


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      Yeah I am not keen to have mine under the seat. Maybe he is smart enough to stay out of water and mud
      Can you reach the screen easily from the drivers side..?


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        You mean it wont like the odd dip

        Unfortunatley the car is so small there really isnt anywhere else for it. Worse case scenario is I could remove the PC in a couple of mins if I was really worried about a water crossing but being a Jap motor the door seals are normally pretty good I wouldnt take it to deep yet anyway as I have no snorkle fitted. I have had water over the bonnet on my other Suzukis and never had any in the cab yet, plus I read somewhere that water levels at the headlights on a Jimny and it will start to float so they must be air tight

        Yes I can easily reach the screen from the drivers side if I need to, the Jimny is only 4ft wide glass to glass and I am over 6ft but 95% of the time I have a passenger so they can play
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          Nice Jimny and nice install. We have Jimnys here but nothing that looks that good or cool.
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            Yeah the dip was what I was worried about lol.
            I am planning to do a dash install in the double din space to keep it that touch higher.
            My 4wd is quite a bit wider so wouldn't work for me