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2006 mustang carputer and amp rack

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  • 2006 mustang carputer and amp rack

    Ok I didn't post this up while I was working on it, but here is the finished product, and the steps it took to get it there.

    This is the first set up that turned out to be to long to fit in my dash.

    This is how I solved that problem by tilting the motherboard up, and setting the hd radio under the enclosure.

    Top of the motherboard with the center console trim off. You can see how tight it was. All of my rear usb connections were rubbing the ac ducts in the back, so it was just a matter of time before something went wrong.

    Hd radio unit sitting under the pc case.

    It was still very tight, so after burning up the m3atx with a wandering probe from a multimeter I decided to move it to the trunk.

    This is the amp rack I made out of 3/4'' MDF. It just screws into some extended pieces of sheet metal behind the seats.

    Front from behind the seats.

    Back from in the trunk.

    After carpet.

    This is the final build, and the carputers current state.

    The black box duo case, which I had to hack to get everything that I wanted from it.

    The installed motherboard, hdd, and back panel. I forgot to get a pic of the m2atx when I got it in, I was in a hurry because of a bad shipment.

    And finally the finished project.

    And the finished trunk. Complete with 13w7 in a sealed box, and hacked up dynamat job which is now carpeted.

    System specks
    mobo: zotac ion itx g-e
    psu: m2atx
    os: win 7 prem 32bit
    fe: centrafuse 3.5
    mem: 4gb gskill
    ssd: ocz vertex 2 64gb
    hdd: hitachi 240 gb
    blueray: asus SBC-06D1S-U
    gps: bu 353
    screen: 7" Lilliput 669G
    hd radio: mp3car boomzbox

    rockford fosgate p400-4
    kicker dx1000

    alpine 5x8's
    jl audio 13w7

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    looks good!!
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    carpc undecided


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      Looks great! You should consider a fibreglass backed sub box molded into one of the sides of the trunk if you want to free up some trunk space. Great job though!
      My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE


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        Nice, let me know if you want me to mold your screen into your bezel panel so it all looks like one.
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          Now that's a nice carputer & audio setup! I've always liked that those cases just look like another amp, instead of a computer case.
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            Thanks everyone.

            Philg. The box goes in the right side, and it fits pretty good usually. I just haven't found a way to mount it to the floor, and I just moved it for the picture.

            Nexson. I don't think there is a way that you can fiberglass my setup in, because the outer trim has to be removed to access the mounting screws for the screen assy. and my hd radio is mounted back there also. It would be nice though.

            dna59. I also like the case, but I was disappointed in the build quality. The screws on the outside panels don't line up. I could only get three in each side as opposed to the four it comes with, and you can't use all the features at once, but it does hold two 2.5'' hdds so thats what I am most worried about.