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1984 Rebuilt Jeep CJ7

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  • 1984 Rebuilt Jeep CJ7

    Project Name: Jeeputer
    Car: 1984 Jeep CJ7 (Completely rebuilt)
    Hard Top: Custom "Stealth" Hard Top by Trailready.
    Engine: Chevy 350 5.7L

    Security: Viper 790XV with field disturbance / voice modules / pager notification.

    Basic Stereo Information: Infinity 6x9's, Kenwood 350W amp, no headunit, NEWQ Platinum for FM Radio

    Jeeputer: Shuttle SS51G P4 1.8Ghz, 256MB PC2700, CDRW / DVD Garmin GPS35 USB
    Power: 350W Interter
    Storage: ~60GB
    Sound: Hercules Digifire
    Screen: 15" Elotouch 1545L


    Pedals not attached yet:

    Still need to clean up the wires back here:

    NEWQ Platinum controls FM Radio and equalizer / volume functions (sorry blurry):

    That's about it. Just got the Jeep on the road last week after a year in the garage being completely rebuilt. Everything new including fiberglass body. Many upgrades not normally in this year Jeep including power brakes, power steering, and hydraulic clutch.

    Hopefully my webspace can handle the traffic for these pictures, if theres problems viewing them I'll upload them elsewhere.

    Comments / questions welcome!

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    WOW hardcore 15" screen aproach I like it. Looks kicking rad. I noticed you have CPU temps in the upper right corner. What software are you using?
    What im curently listening to.
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      Motherboard Monitor is used to get the temperatures.

      Then I use Coolmon which allows you to position the temperatures anywhere on screen with transparent backgrounds or different fonts or whatever. Coolmon just gives you more control with where and how you want to display the temperatures, but you need motherboard monitor to actually pick up the temperatures.



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        Now that is a nice install !

        Never thought of using a NewQ for radio, that's a pretty good idea.
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          Wow how many miles are on this jeep
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            Yeah, I originally purchased a D-Link FM Tuner and was less than impressed with it's quality and reception. The NewQ works great, and gives me a nice interface for volume / equalizer functions since I'm not using a headunit.

            Churnopol - There were about 250,000 kilometres on it before we took it off the road last year to restore it. The new engine we've put in was out of a full size Chevy pickup and had 100,000 KM on it. The transmission came out of a Blazer and I'm not sure how many KM were on it.

            Since rebuilding it I've only put about 100 KM on it, and thats an estimate because it turns out the odometer in the new speedo doesn't work.

            I was driving downtown on the weekend and I unintentionally hopped onto someones wireless network, which was pretty cool. I had wireless internet for about 20 seconds.


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              Awesome I have used motherboard monitor before. Have you ever looked into samurize It uses MBM put I personally think its much better than coolmon.
              What im curently listening to.
              My complete carpc setup


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                Nice looking Jeep!

                Is your giant screen removeable?

                (however that mess of wires coming out of the back of the computer looks like an accident waiting to happen)
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                  osirisdon - I'd never heard of Samurize, Coolmon definately wasn't the most straightforward application to configure, I'll probably have to give Samurize a look.

                  DodgeCummins - The screen is not removable. It's acutally mounted as securely as possible. If someone were to get into the Jeep to try to remove it they would have a difficult time. Hopefully with the high end security system we've installed nobody will ever have the opportunity to try.

                  The mess of wires in the back would be an accident waiting to happen, but I don't have a back seat installed yet so nobody is back there. Eventually the wires will be all tucked away..


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                    Looking really nice. I have been going back and forth if I want to install my NewQ in my carputer. The ONLY thing holding me back is the automatic shutoff the unit has after a few minutes of no or low audio. Have you had any issue with this so far? I is just annoying to me, that I have to turn something back on every once in a while.
                    Could you mention your power setup and if have you had any noise/grounding issues? Thanks for doing such a slick install, always good to have someone else's experiences to look to.


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                      I read about the problem with NewQ's automatically shutting themselves off, but so far have not had a problem. Mine is setup so that I have to have the volume probably to about 20 before I even hear anything, so I don't often have the volume below 10. What happens when it shuts itself off? Do you just have to push the source button to turn it on again? I'll have to try setting the volume low and see what happens.

                      As for my power setup, I'm just using a 350W inverter to power the PC and the screen. I was going to get a DC-DC power supply, because I've read about all of the headaces with inverters, but the inverter has worked pretty good for me. I do get a buzz from the power supply, we even opened the power supply and removed some filters which reduced the buzz but it's still there a little. There is no buzz from the speakers which is what I was mostly concerned about. My Jeep isn't exactly a quiet ride, a little buzz from the psu really doesn't get heard once the Jeep is running.

                      The inverter wasn't very expensive so I just went for it, if I had major problems I was going to go for something like the opus power supply.

                      I've also got the bios setup so that the PC powers up as soon as it has power, and I've got a switch on the dash that powers the inverter. Just fire up the inverter and the PC starts to boot.

                      Hope that helps a bit


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                        Thanks for the outline on your power. Reguarding the buzz of inverter I have been doing some reading up on M-Audio's usb sound cards. They have a new one that has full 5.1 Dolby with USB 2.0. I would go for it if my HU supported the Dolby input. I will probably go for their standard usb sound card, the Sonica or an Extigy if I can find one for cheaper.
                        I have 2 NewQ's I have the internal unit that goes in a bay and the external unit that sits on your desk. Both of them will turn off completely after about 20 minutes of no sound going through them. They mute after only 15 seconds of quiet noise. So often times when I am watching a slow paced movie with soft background music like Crouching Tiger the sound will go off and I will be sitting there wondering what happened. I have to trigger some other windows sound to wake the unit back up. But I guess for car uses where you are mainly playing music and videos, it wouldn't be that big a deal.
                        Again great job, you crammed a lot of good hardware into a car not known for its roomy interior. That screen is beautiful, what is the nits on it? I am about 75% there on my Jeep Cherokee install and there ain't much space.


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                          According to the specs on Elotouch's website , it is 285 nits, with a 450:1 contrast ratio.

                          It's perfectly viewable in daylight, my hardtop has basically 4 glass panels up top and all around, so if its sunny out, there's sun on the screen. It's way too bright at night, I just saw a utility on these boards that someone's written to quickly adjust brightness on the fly. I'm definately going to have to try that.

                          Still no problems to report with the NewQ. I guess I never have it quiet enough for it to go to sleep..

                          Thanks for the comments.