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  • Home jukebox project

    Let me know what you think so far....

    I built this larger to fit a docking station, created a new top that now hinges open. I built a shelf for everything to rest on also.
    I added the wood vinear to the laptop anw will soon add it to the docking station. I do not want it to look like I just sat a laptop inside and that was it....

    Here I detached the screen and extended the wires. I am still working on the frame and mounting to the lid.

    Still need to add PC SUB / Speakers and rewire vol bass and treb to controls on the front. Also need to add on off switch for light for the false dial / tuner. Need speaker grill cloth also...

    Side view of the unit.

    better pick of laptop

    This radio had bad water damage when I got it. I sanded and vaneared to repair the damage. I restained and will soon add some poly to give it shine and protection.

    Let me know what you think so far. Its not a car project but worth adding I think. Its for my game room. I will also hook it into my stereo sound system.

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    Dude where're the steering wheel and the gas padal at?
    NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
    If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.


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      did I forget to say....

      Oh, its going in my trunk lol..... I know its not a car project but it belongs in the family because it will use some of the same ideas. I have been following this board for some time, I used mp3pc and mrhic but no longer can get in after forgetting password and changing email account.


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        I have no idea if you intend to store your audio lossless or not (probably not worth it with a laptop) but if not check out the 4AM music console for a player...

        If you do go lossless then look at ApeJukebox or Glissando running on J Rivers Media Centre... All look cool...

        We have alot of users over on AVSForum's HTPC section (that I mod) that build audio servers etc but your is int nicest furniture / jukebox I have seen made so far... well done...


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          4AM music console for a player...

          thanks for the recommendations! I really like the look of the 4AM music console player. I think this might be the one! Its alot more like a jukebox than the one I was going to use (Media Engine). I still have alot of planned work to do on this. Media storage will be provided local as well as over a network. It will also be connected to a cable modem for net radio. I'm also looking for a low cost but good sounding PC subwoofer system to rewire and mount behind a speaker cloth on the front. I will also have it hooked up to my current stereo. I also need to dress up the inside and add a tension hing to hold it open. When complete I will post more pictures if I do not affend any car only minded people.


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            For subwoofer I would have to ssay build your own (check the bass list) a small gaincard DiY amp and good quality woofer will be far cheaper than any commercial subs for similar performance (though I am quite the fan of DiY speakers).. You obviously have some wood working skills so....

            I currently have my HTPC set up connected to a 5.1 speakers setup in my main theater / living room... Upstairs I run a RAID storage box (640 GB) for archived DVD's and audio... All my audio is in lossless APE format as my sound system is resolving enough to care about lossy encodeing... This way the noisy box is seperated by distance and LAN... The HTPC is nearly silent thanks to a comination of tricks...


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              tell me about extending the laptop screen wires. are they just like 20guage solid copper wire? like a wiring harness? did you buy special extended wires? i have wanted to do this for soooo long, i just never wanted to take apart the laptop until i knew how...-Ryan


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                I used cat 5 wire. Worked pretty well. Picture quality is still 100%. I cut and attached each wire one at a time so I wouldnt get mixed up when dealing with the 20 plus wires. I also attached the wires to the screen and added the originiol harness to the other end. I used heavy wire for the power and ground. Easy job for anyone! Just cut and attach one wire at a time!