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1991 Uber Calibra carPC from Serbia!

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  • 1991 Uber Calibra carPC from Serbia!

    Ok, so my thread got autolocked so i hope mods can fix it i was in the middle of editing and sorting out posted pictures? ill just repost my finished last post here and mods please sort this out (

    And my last updated post goes here with all the pics...

    The day has come

    Ive finally managed to finish my carPC with miniITX setup and working touchscreen :P it was done year and a half ago but never managed to post the pics and actually finish it fully which i did last month...

    So ive made custom pc case from plexiglass 22x22x9cm

    Touchscr: Faytech 7" black
    Mobo: Zotac ION A-E Intel ATOM N330 1.6x2 + nVidia 9400M up to 512mb shared + Wireless.n MiniPCI adapter + 5.1 realtek
    Ram: Kingston HyperX DDR2 2Ghz
    HDD: WD 2.5" 320GB
    DVD: Sony DVD combo (taken from the laptop on earlier pics :P)
    BT: MicroStar BT dongle 100m bla bla
    SndCard: Creative Sound Blaster Live External
    GPS: Nokia LD-3W BT
    A4tech mini wireless keyb + mouse, iTiny BT keyb

    Earlier version

    After that i finally managed to remove my worn leather from the dashboard, wrap it with 3M Di-noc carbon and do some fiberglass fitting for my LCD bezel and integrating iPhone dock

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