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Smart fortwo :) (France)

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  • Smart fortwo :) (France)

    Few more pics when all the finitions are done.

    Alpine 9854R
    Alpine 2x 16.5 Séparés
    Alpine 2x 16.5 Coaxial
    Focal 2x 27V2 (27 cm) Double Bobines caisson clos (398€)
    1 Ampli Alpine V12
    1 Ampli Alpine V12 (SUB only)
    Connexion 2RCA in KCA121B (30€)
    Loop Killer between PC and car radio Caliber LT1s (35€)
    Hifonics HFEQ (150€ env)

    Mini box PC Advance 3906B 11 cm less deep (59€)
    Carte Mêre Gygabyte 525TUD (89€)
    2x2Gb Corsair XMS (51€)
    Carte son Wavio (Onkyo) 200PCI 2 RCA symétriques(160€)
    Disque dur 2.5 320Go 7200trs/min (60€)
    supply 12V M4-ATX 6-30V DC/DC (250 Watt) (84€ +16.5€ frais de port)

    Logiciels et Hardware:
    screen 8.4" (800x600)
    Dashcommand (39USD)
    ElmScan 5 Compact Scan Tool(60USD +34€ Frais de Douane !)
    Keyboard Bluetooth Keysonic 340bt(50€)
    Gps USB BU-353 (39.95€)

    Cable 3 RCA 2m
    2 RCA 1m
    Cable alim 16mm²
    Cable Audio MonsterCable 4mm² SW
    Oehlbach 2.5mm² (3.5€/m)

    Materiaux pour les caissons et autres
    Panneau en Medium épaisseur
    Moquette x3 (35€)

    2 plaques mousse Insonorisante alvéolée (1mx0.5m; 2cm auto-adhésif)(35.05€ dont 16.64€ frais de port)

    Sites d'achats:

    Mousse Insonorisante:

    Autoradio HP accessoires:

    Car PC:

    Sites d'informations: (Pour Smart)
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    Tres Bien, Shinju001! Cèst beaucoup d`equipment pour une Smart fortwo. Le poids de la voiture est doublé probablement maintenant!

    Once more in English: Well done! Thats a lot of equuipment for a Smart fortwo. The weight of the car is probably double now!
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      i don't speak french, but finally somebody else with a smart. very nice!


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          There is a lot to do but it is starting well

          This enclosure is split in two sealed enclosures (30L each)
          Focal 27V2 (27cm 11") double bobines are for sealed enclosures from 15 to 30L (0.53 to 1.06 cu.ft.) nominal power 300W max
          I am using them with 160W, it is a minimun and I loose precision at High level. Other thing to know is that they are mounted in parallel/series Z=4 Ohm

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            Looking good. This will be the loudest Smart Car I've seen so far!
            My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE


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              I like your rear dash. I thought about doing the same sort of thing with mine. They really need some rear speakers.