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Drew's 2009 Toyota Tacoma CarPC

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  • Drew's 2009 Toyota Tacoma CarPC

    Here is my latest mode of transportation:

    It's a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4. It's much more versatile and can haul around my ever growing family much easier than my small coupes of yore (although I miss those fun little cars)! I bought it last year and started installing my system around the New Year. I've done all of the work myself (as I have done with all my systems in the past).

    I also wanted to keep things fairly stock looking…which I am not finished working on. Right now, I have everything operational; I just need to make it look pretty.

    Although it is the same computer that I have used in the past two cars, I decided to upgrade some of the components while it was out. Here's what I have:

    CarPC Components:
    •Castronic/Travla C-138 case
    •Zotac H55ITX-A-E WiFi (Mini-ITX Motherboard)
    •Intel Core i3 530 CPU
    •2x 2GB DDR3 GSkill 10666 RAM
    •Intel X25-M 64GB SDD (for all software)
    •Additional 500GB 7200rpm sHDD (for the music, pics, and videos)
    •M4-ITX 250W DC-DC power supply
    •Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium soundcard
    •XM PCR (XM radio receiver to USB)
    •XM PCR Optical output add-on
    •7" Transflective Optically Bonded Lilliput 669GL Touch Screen Monitor with HDMI (an amazing screen)!!!
    •Qstarz BT-818x (GPS receiver)
    •OBDPro Smart Switch (OBD II reader to USB tool)
    •Viston HD radio (HD & standard radio to USB controller)
    •External slot load DVD Drive
    •JoyCon EX steering wheel controller (not hooked up yet)
    •Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium
    •RideRunner frontend with DFX 5.1 skin
    •Media Player Classic – Home Cinema
    •Garmin Mobile PC software
    •DashCommand OBD II software

    Audio Equipment:
    •Audison BitOne.1 sound processor
    •JL Audio HD600/4 amp (powering tweeters and mid ranges)
    •JL Audio XD600/6 amp (4 channels bridged powering woofers and 2 channels powering coaxs)
    •JL Audio HD750/1 amp (powering subwoofer)
    •Morel Elate 9 3way front speaker system (all active crossover with the BitOne)
    •Focal 165 CVX 6.5” coaxial rear speakers (for the kids)
    •Image Dynamics IDQ10V3.D4 Subwoofer
    •Mr. Marv custom ported subwoofer box (1.0 cu ft tuned to 30Hz)
    •KnuKonceptz Kolossus Flex KFX-PK20 (0/1 gauge wiring kit & distro blocks)
    •Plenty of sound deadening material from

    Other Mods:

    •Escort Passport 9500ci stealth system
    •Access Limited Edition soft tonneau
    •Wet Okole full piping seat covers (charcoal w/ black piping)
    •WeatherTech side window deflectors
    •Weather Tech digital cut floor mats (gray)
    •Window Tint - Solar Gard HP Charcoal 28 (front) & HP Charcoal 50 (on top of factory tinted rears)
    •LED lights inside and out (except main Headlights and fog lights)
    •Oznium High Intensity Flood LED’s under the hood and in the bed (soon to be added)
    •Pop N Lock PL5300
    •Yakima Bikelock
    •OEM bed extender
    •Extra D-rings in bed

    Performance Mods:
    •SS braided brake lines

    Future Mods:
    •Anytime Rear-view camera switch
    •Color Matched Grill and mirrors
    •HID’s behind Modified grill
    •Goodyear Wrangler Duratrcs (265/75/16) on my stock rims (I really like those rims)!
    •SpiderTrax wheel spacers
    •Toyotec lift kit w/ new leaf pack (not going for full 3” lift…just something to improve ride and level things out)
    •Catback exhaust

    Although this is something that I could do in about a week, it ended up taking me many many months thanks to work, school (online), my family, etc… The only way I was able to get as far as I did is because I’d work on what I could during some lunch breaks or between coming home and eating dinner. So I drove around without any music (or even any seats except the driver’s seat) for many weeks in a row. But it is well worth it!!! Plus, there is always that something extra special about knowing that you did the work (and saved thousands in labor).

    Sorry I didn’t include more pictures of when the truck was completely gutted. It was the last thing to cross my mind during those busy times…plus, there are already some good pictures of sound deadening installs in the audio section. But here are the pics that I do have to share.

    Here's the interior as of August, 2011:

    I have to point out how awesome this optically bonded screen is (from Mo-So-Co). it's expensive, but well worth it! Here it is in direct sunlight at high noon:

    The amps and sound processor are under the rear seats. Even though they are in there pretty securely right now, I plan to build a small amp rack so that it doesn't look so messy. Sorry for the washed out was really hot and sunny that day. Here is where they are hiding:

    Behind the rear seat is where the IDQ 10" sub resides in an awesome box made by Mr. Marv:

    Here are a couple pictures that Mr. Marv (of took just before he sent the box to me:

    Mr. Marv also made the speaker ring adapters for the Focal's in the rear and the Morel Elate 9" woofer in the front (looks like I didn't take pics of the focals):

    And here it is mounted before the door went back on:

    Here is the Morel CDM-88 3" mid-woofer. I was originally going to mount it behind the stock mid grill, but I wanted to play with the imaging so I currently have it temporarily mounted on the front side of the door. It's funny how most people don't notice them since they're black...

    Here's the door as it sits today (notice the Morel MT-23 tweeters in the sails):

    The actual CarPC resides under my driver's seat:

    The XM PCR and the Viston HD Radio reside under the front passenger seat:

    I didn't like how dark the cabin was, so I went to Autozone and picked up some LED's for the Dome/Map lights. Even then, I wanted a bit more. So I grabbed a 12" strip of LED's, soldered them to the dome light switch, and installed them in the front foot wells:

    Although I haven't done much to the exterior, I know how much everyone likes to see more pics of our Taco's...

    Hope you enjoyed! I will update more as I can, but considering that I just bought my first house, it won't be anytime soon. Until then, comments and questions are always welcome.

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    Toyota Tacoma Install
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    ZOTAC H55-ITX, Intel i3 & 320 Series SSD
    7" Lilliput 669GL, M4-ATX, SB X-Fi, XMPCR
    Win 7, RR, Garmin, DashCmd

    Morel Elate 9 3way & IDQ10 ported (active 4-way),
    JL Audio HD Amps, Audison BitOne.1

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    Clean install, Looks great. Wish mine comes close to this !!!

    Do you have a link for the monitor as there's so many versions of the 669 & how's it under direct sunlight ?



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      Damn nice install! Great work! You have some really nice audio equipment. I wish I had the money to invest in a nice audio system to compliment my carpc install.
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        I got it from here almost 2 years ago (the 7" Transflective Optically Bonded Lilliput 669GL):

        In my 1st car, I had a Xenarc 7" touchscreen that wasn't transfelctive or optically it sucked in any sunlight (direct or indirect) with the windows down. Although you are paying an arm and a leg, the optically bonded screens make it look great! I don't even notice the difference when the sun is directly on in the screen.

        Now that I have it, I realized that all OEM screens are optically bonded which is why navigation systems are usually a $1k-$2k upgrade...half of the cost is for the screen alone!
        Toyota Tacoma Install
        BMW 325Ci Install - Old

        ZOTAC H55-ITX, Intel i3 & 320 Series SSD
        7" Lilliput 669GL, M4-ATX, SB X-Fi, XMPCR
        Win 7, RR, Garmin, DashCmd

        Morel Elate 9 3way & IDQ10 ported (active 4-way),
        JL Audio HD Amps, Audison BitOne.1


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          Very nice install. Bet it sounds great.


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            Wow, that looks really nice! A very clean install where everything is hidden away. I noticed the LED strips, Mitch makes a new LED controller now, that you can actually change the colors of the LED's to any color. I plan on having the white LED strips as you do, and a second strip that is controlled by the skin to change the cabin color at will. More for just showing off the novelty at car shows and such.
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              Thanks John!! Your innovation and dedication (Mitch and Blue too) never ceases to amaze me! You guys make this a never ending project by adding new and great features that we just can't resist messing with. That LED controller sounds fun and something I will eventually do...but next on my list (after I fiberglass the Mids/Tweets to make it all look really good) is to get a mic and explore RRVoice.
              Toyota Tacoma Install
              BMW 325Ci Install - Old

              ZOTAC H55-ITX, Intel i3 & 320 Series SSD
              7" Lilliput 669GL, M4-ATX, SB X-Fi, XMPCR
              Win 7, RR, Garmin, DashCmd

              Morel Elate 9 3way & IDQ10 ported (active 4-way),
              JL Audio HD Amps, Audison BitOne.1