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2003 Digital Eclipse Remastered

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  • 2003 Digital Eclipse Remastered

    Digital Eclipse 2.0

    After reupholstering my dash in leather last year, It looked great at first but the heat completely destroyed my dash, I didnt realize the extent until I removed the leather. Needless to say I had to bust out the ABS welder and piece it back together. After a week of sanding and painting here is what I have so far... Enjoy!!!

    Here is the most recent updated video:

    I've completed the 10.1 Lilliput Multi-touch LED monitor install, here is it in action!

    Car PC Specs:

    Zotac Ion D-E MB
    4 GB DDR2
    Fusion Brain
    Elm 327 OBD2
    SSD (on order)
    2TB WD HD
    M4 ATX PSU
    Microsoft GPS
    4G wireless internet
    Win 7

    Lilliput 7" USB Monitor (gauge panel)
    Lilliput 10.1 Multi-touch HDMI monitor
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    MY INSTAllS:

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    Just added the second video showing the Lilliput 10.1 MT LED monitor and LCD Gauge panel, enjoy peeps!!!
    MY INSTAllS: