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    Ok, figured I'd post my project and lame first attempts at doing this. So far, I'm trying to fit my bybyte frame into a slightly enlarged opening where my gps used to be. An uneasy hand and a rotary tool caused some jagged edges that I'm attempting to fill in and smooth out, but since it's on this fake wood trim, it's just not going to look right unless I paint the entire piece, which I may go back and do. In the frame will go a capacitive lilliput 669GL which I have apart and somehow managed to really botch the soldering of the IR extension to the button board. A buddy from work is going to try to fix that tomorrow for me.

    In the back where the DVD GPS used to reside is where the computer will sit. It consists of an ASUS E35M1-I DELUXE, OCZ Sata3 60G SSD, and 8G of RAM. I'm hoping to mount a slot load dvd where the old slot load dvd was in the GPS.

    I guess that's all I have for now. Other things I'm running are permently mounted scantool, joycon for steering wheel control, powered USB hub for the front, card reader, and a blitz converter to take my useless cd changer and turn it into aux in for my stock radio till I can afford to buy speakers and amps.
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    nice dude, best wishes with the project
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