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    So after my initial bout into carPCs I decided to put one on my 2008 Suzuki hayabusa (

    After messing with that and replacing part after part, I made some discoveries and adjusted the install as nessesary. Mainly a better touchscreen and dealt with extreme vibrations. So then I did an overhaul and just got it up and running.

    Mobo - Intel D525
    Case - Some small G-Atlantic case
    power - M4-ATX
    OS - Windows 7 Ult.
    Frontend - Ride Runner w/ DFX 5.1
    TS - Lilliput 7" sunlight readable

    Sent my undertail off to Tiger racing and had them make a custom aluminum one that looks way better than that piece of crap that I did. got a smaller case. and had to get the m4-atx power supply because the D525 motherboard has that extra 2x2 cpu power pin. and you cannot use an adapter cable to power it from like a M3-atx like I was hoping. the 12v rail is 2amps less that what is required for that motherboard. went from Garmin GPS to iGuidance for various reasons. I will add pics of the install and the monitor mount specifically. As far as the install goes, I have hotglued everything.... The screws backing out from the vibrations was my worst enemy. Thats it for now.

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