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3rd car - 3rd carpc & stereo install - 05 Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 Dual Cab Ute

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  • 3rd car - 3rd carpc & stereo install - 05 Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 Dual Cab Ute

    Hi all thought I'd throw this new one in here, very recently finished.

    ok so first the car 2005 Mistubishi MK Triton Dual Cab 4x4 Ute.

    I will go in chronological install order as stereo went in first while I waited for carpc parts to be delivered.

    The car didn't have a lot of room to install stereo equipment but I managed it

    Couldn't afford new amps this time round so used ones from my last car, will upgrade to focal amps at some stage.

    Didn't want to get a single din monitor of any kind or cut the dash up so kept a headunit in there rather than have hole and kept it functional rather than not being used.

    JVC KD-R526 with Bluetooth adaptor

    Front Stage
    Fli Loaded 900s 4 channel amp
    Focal IS165 6.5" & 1" component system

    Fli Loaded 1000m Monoblock
    Focal Polyglass 21V2 8" sub

    I welded up a frame to hold the amps on

    Where the rack was mounted behind rear seats.

    Frame painted and mounted

    Amps mounted

    Tweeters mounted in dash where factory 4 inch speakers were (they are covered by a dash grill piece, obviously not the greatest for staging, but at this point the install was about stealth)

    Midrange speakers mounted ( the Triton has no door speakers installed factory nor any wiring anywhere, so all wiring had to be run and door trims cut to allow speakers.

    Amps and finished subbox mounted (it's all hidden to not going to carpet subbox or anything.

    Power Test...w00t it works!!!

    Onto the carpc side of the install.

    carpc specs.

    CPU: Intel Atom 230 1.6GHz Processor
    Mainboard: Foxconn 945GC Chipset Mini-ITX Motherboard
    RAM: 2GB DDR2
    Hard Disk: 320GB 2.5'' SATA HDD
    Graphics: Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
    Audio: Integrated High Definition Audio 6 Channel (will upgrade one day)
    Network: Integrated 10/100 LAN
    Case: Huntkey H702 Mini ITX Case with 60W Power Supply (changed power supply to m3-atx out of last carpc).
    Screen: 7" Response touchscreen from Jaycar
    4 port usb hub
    optus mobile broadband dongle (not shown in pics)
    wireless network dongle from Jaycar(not shown in pics)
    optical mouse
    flexible keyboard - turned out to only be semi functional.
    OS: stripped down Win 7 Ultimate
    Frontend: Centrafuse

    Also setup dual battery system for entire audio and carpc setup. Will also be used for 12V accessories for fishing trips. Has a voltmeter installed in dash with on/off/on switch. up = aux batt voltage, centre = off and down = start batt voltage.

    On/off/on switches were used to control stereo and pc use, up is used to starup/shutdown stereo and pc with keys, centre position doesnt allow anything to turn on, and down is always on (good for camping etc keys dont have to be in)

    No real room or good spots in dash for a screen install, so I used the sunglasses pocket panel which is located at the very bottom of the dash in front of the gear stick.

    This is the original dash panel with the sunglasses pocket removed.

    This is the wallmount bezel that came with the screen.

    The bezel was joined to the dash panel to allow the screen to be mounted and make it removable.but first I had to get it to sit at the angle I wanted and not have any gaps, 6mm ply was used.

    Dash Panel cutout so wallmount bezel can be fitted on correct angle.

    The 2 parts joined.

    Ugly straight edges and small gaps so some shaping was needed to make smooth curves.

    more shaping and smoothing was done, undercoated and made nicer, then it was time to paint. I decided not to match the dash colour as instrument panel and hvac controls have a matte black insert so I painted the panel matte black as well to break up the grey a bit.

    Test fit of screen again

    Time to bang it all in.

    PC under seat

    Dual Battery setup ( I bought another battery cradle from supercheap and welded brackets onto it to fit in place in engine bay, wired up isolator and circuit breakers between isolator and each battery.

    Voltmeter mounted in dash

    LED mounted in dash for isolation verification

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    Nice start, the amp rack looks great. Great to see "ample" battery supply

    But you got to move those Focal Tweets up higher in the stage, your killing me here .
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      thanks phil, yeah i know about the tweeters, just ordered an alarm last night so when that is installed i will source some second hand pillar panels and rig up some pillar pods for them


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        Anybody else facing problem in viewing the pictures?

        You don't have permission to access /Files/TRITON/powertest.JPG on this server.

        Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


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          Originally posted by DigitalVampire View Post
          Anybody else facing problem in viewing the pictures?
          Not I.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

          Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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            Before you buy the pillars, I would suggest you put some 2 sided tape on the back of them and move them around trying top of door panels, side of door panels, the pillars like you are intending, etc. Take your time and just have fun with it, it sounds like your not in a hurry to finish the install anyways. When they hit the spot you like, you'll know it!! There is no 1 size fits all; different tweeters vs. different vehicles vs. different taste & music equals no one guaranteed right answer.
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              Nice setup but i think u gonna hurt ur neck watching that screen , i dont like it being so low...


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                Thanks Phil, I haven't really bothered with setting stage properly, because I was originally trying not to modify anything in the car, the amp rack utilised the child restraint bolts, and nothing apart from the screen setup changes anything in the car from original. Unfortunately I had to change the dash piece for the screen, not keen on modifying anymore things as I'm not having much luck finding parts for this car in order to keep original panels. As soon as I find one that I can get panels from, I will be trying pillars and doors.

                Thanks Cwele, it's actually not hard to look at at all, no different than sitting somewhere and looking at the ground in front of you, not in anyway painful


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                  Originally posted by DigitalVampire View Post
                  Anybody else facing problem in viewing the pictures?
                  There is pictures ?


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                    I like how seamless it looks, but it does seem a touch dangerous to look down that far constantly. I'm also guessing that in 1st or 3rd there's a big distraction in the way, aka the shifter. But I have to say you're custom work looks seamless. I would look at it and think, oh this must be the model with the PC option.


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                      Hi. i am planing to buy the same or similar vehcile in the the nxt year hopefuly and i was wondering if you could just send me a quick email to [email protected] so i can save you into my contacts and ask for you help later on. please take the time to msg me because i dont know much at all about car audio at all. I wont go to the extreams you have but just want a sub, single amp and the 4 speakers up front. Also with the two batteries that you have, is the second one just sitting there wired in parallel or whats going on there. I have just got a job at a mechanics 2 weeks ago and i am on 3 month trial and if that goes well i will do apprenticeship so i am in a mud rush to learn everything i can but cars are what i love. Sorry for the life story there, got a bit carryed away.


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                        was just wondering if you removed the whole rear seat because that is what it looks like it? or have you got the wub and amps playing through the seats? if so does it make much of a difference?


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                          do you still have the rear seats in? in a photo it doesnt look like that, also if you dont does it make a difference playing through the seats?