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Toyota Camry 2007, White Beauty.

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  • Toyota Camry 2007, White Beauty.

    My goals:
    1. Have a few completely unique ideas to my own setup
    2. Audio quality
    3. Audio quality
    4. Construct a NON TOUCHSCREEN setup. I've had several touchscreen headunits and always end up using the buttons to navigate more often.
    5. Use my setup as a computer made for a car and not a computer made to act like a aftermarket dvd headunit (ie. no centrafuge, riderunner, or any frontend software made to dumb down my COMPUTER to a high end car headunit.)

    So I always hate having to scroll to page 10 to find the completed pic. So i'll lead with it here on my worklog

    Its late and It took longer than i thought to figure out uploading pics lol. I'll add component list, process, and my words of wisdom tomorrow!

    Operating System:
    Motherboard: F1A75-I DELUXE asus ~ 150$
    Hardrive: Force Series 3 CSSD-F60GB3A-BK 2.5" 60GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) ~ 90
    RAM: G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB(2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 ~ 60$
    CPU: AMD | A8-3870K 3.0G 4M FM1 R ~ 125$
    PSU: M4-ATX 250W Intelligent DC-DC PSU ~ 78$

    Monitor: LP101WH1-TLA3 ~ 75$
    Controller: ~ 75$ (I contacted a handful of chinese manufacturers, in all emailed and called probably 10 different people looking for a controller to drive this AMAZING 10.1 in lg screen that is meant to replace some asus netbook. I had many a nay sayer on this forum point me back to a lillicrap "we're been in this scene for 10 yrs, there is a reason people don't try new things" lol, and i finally found a controller that works great! bought from, but WOULD NOT RECCOMEND them, morocity is an active member of this forum and has the same equipement i just found out about him too late.

    Equalizer: Clarion EQS746 ~ 58$
    Best purchase i've ever made for audio. I have it going to 2 - 12" infinity subs seperate fiberglass enclosures i made. 2 pairs of infinity component speakers, and 4 rockford fosgate rear 6x9. This clarion is phenominal.

    So here is what a stock camry dash looks like, this isn't mine just a google search pic

    Kinda grandpa-esk i know. So it ALLL began with taking those 3 pieces of the dash out. I then used JBweld (used A LOT of this amazing stuff, easily best binding material I've EVER used. I believe its a steel composite and when it hardens after 7 hrs, you its harder and stronger than ANYTHING it will be gluing. But i glued all the pieces together into one big piece. Then went at it with the bondo, filled in all cracks and just made a smooth level surface all even. I Had to cut new holes for the climate controls (worst part of the whole project), because they wouldn't fit the screen in their origional position.

    It also helped that this was partially for my degree, and i ended up solidwork modeling all my plans before hand.

    There was like a millimeter of clearance on bottom edges, but it was enough
    Once i got the screen and clarion equalizer fitted well. I began assembly of my computer. Componenst listed above. runs at 3.1 GHZ. I would highly reccomend this motherboard Cpu setup to anyone. I eventually plan on installing some play while i wait games maybe. But with the 8gb RAM, solid state hard drive, and proccessor everything is instand, its phenominal. And my pc boots up from off to desktop in like 10-15 seconds, before i get out of the driveway.
    "picture here"

    I installed the whole setup PSU PC on an aluminum sheet custom drafted to fit perfectly in my glove box, trade mark pending And i went to my university and cut it out with the waterjet. I grounded the PSU and PC to the plate and grounded the plate to car chassis.

    I installed everything and i had HORENDOUS induction noise in my audio. And as stated above my main objective was to have clear audio t match and drive my system. SOOO i set about hunting the grounding loop problem. The aluminum sheet was actually my initial attempt at a fix, which helped a lot. Then i tried grounding my rca's coming from the pc to equalizer. Then i tried a common ground. The rca grounding helped a lot. But in the end it magically resolved itself, the gods of car audio though i had enough... it was wierd.
    my tips for chasing a ground loop:
    1. Ensure you have common ground with PSU and PC, use copper or aluminum as they are better conductors than steel
    2. Ground RCA
    3. Use high quality RCA (this may have actually been the final fix i can't tell for sure)
    4. Have ONE common ground for amps and pc setup if possible. For me it wasn't. If i were to go back i probably would have planned a trunk install.. IDK maybe not it work not

    I installed a DC-AC inverter in my dash and here i am mounting the plug plate. Its a crying shame this doesn't come standard in cars yet... so so sad

    Removed all GRAY panneling in car and covered it with 3m dinoc white carbon fiber. Great stuff. Ran me 50 bucks for 2x4 foot sheet. Was plenty to do everyting. sturdy. and looks SOOO much better than paint. vinyl wrap in general is the was to go for sure

    And Future Plans:
    my piece de resistance is going to be this lil beauty. She will pan rotate and extrude from the dask the monitor according to my needs and desires. Its driven by a few servos, turntable, and an arduino board.
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    i love the install ... but why didn't you hide the signal cable ??? could've been perfect.. !


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      Ha picky picky, I had a buddy with a nice camera take a few shots and hadn't put some of the panneling back on and hadn't finished tucking all my cables back. But all done now


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        Dude! First of all, your install is BEAUTiFUL!!I also royalty agree with you in the front-ends, and personally use windows as they are! Way more power but can I ask you. Cause I also think that brightness and quallity are better than a touch, can you pm me some info one how to get an screen 10.1 like yours?? Cause I haven't got anywhere with my search...


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          Originally posted by settra View Post
          Dude! First of all, your install is BEAUTiFUL!!I also royalty agree with you in the front-ends, and personally use windows as they are! Way more power but can I ask you. Cause I also think that brightness and quallity are better than a touch, can you pm me some info one how to get an screen 10.1 like yours?? Cause I haven't got anywhere with my search...
          LP101WH1(TL)(B2) if you google model number you can shop around, i think i bought it from here though , 1366x768 is its resolution and why i insisted on going with it over any of the smaller screens. The brightness is 250 or 300 i can't remember. But I have all my windows tinted and it is PLENTY bright. Plus the cheapest screen you will find is like what 250 anywhere else, where this iwll run you about 150 for much better quality. Also you need the controller, and motorcity both sell it. You just tell them the screen you got and they get you out this circuit board with a vga imput. ONLY catch is you have to make your own housing. I just used 3 sheets of .25 in acrylic and routed the edge. Pretty simple and strong.


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            +1 to original thought


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              So non Touchscreen. Cool. How do you provide input to the computer?
              2011 Tacoma Nexus 7 App Radio Install

              1993 Lincoln town car Carputer Project


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                So far I'm just working with the joycon exr steering wheel control module. That thing is pretty dandy. It supports up uto 28 buttons, each button can have a long press and short press function, and combinations. I am about to install it and my plans are for it to hook with my 5 steering wheel buttons and some custome buttons:

                Desktop Mode:
                Open Browser
                Open Windows media center
                Open Navigation
                Open etc...

                Media mode:
                volume up
                volume down

                Browser mode:
                5 or so hotkeys to bookmarked sites, gmail, netflix, pandora

                And i'm sure after that things will come to mind. Aside from that i've been using a macro software that could fill in more complex functions that the joycon may not be able to hack. Jit bit. Its amazing!

                So i think that covers my bases. Oh and future plan is to invest in a gyro air mouse. But really that would just be for when if i need to stop and ... i don't even know its just a cool little gadget i think it taylored to carputers.

                Really the only thing i can't do and can't do faster with the non-touchscreen approach is draw little 5th grade pictures on window's "paint" , it seems to me thats what all the videos i see are demoing for touchscreens i always though that funny.


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                  This is awesome install...

                  This is Awesome install I ever seen for 2007 toyota Camry. I was just curious. in the picture, I see something on the door panel (some kind of button or something), What is it?


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                    mmmmm, on the doors all i did was add that white carbon fiber vinyl. buttons include two switches on the bottom dash. The one i put in line with the signal switch to the m4atx power supply for my pc. That was if i don't want my computer to fully bootup i hit the switch which opens the switch preventing the signal from reaching the psu. Most of the time i leave it closed and let the pc do its thing, but there are those times. If thats not what you were refering to lemme know exactly what you're seeing?


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                      oh no. not that. here what I meant,

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Faveaskewshot.jpg
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                      In this picture, on the passenger-side door (I used red circle). what is that?


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                        Lol oh ya that would be a major button, but its an infinity tweeter. Part of a pair of component speakers. any high range speakers sound much better the more inlign they are with the listeners ears.


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                          Hey bossman, I noticed you changed your A/C and heat controls to black. How did you do that? Did you just wrap it with black vinyl or did you actually painted it?


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                            Ya i actually did paint those. Its pretty easy to take apart that little climate control console. just a bunch of lil screws. the grey just looks so bad i couldn't help it. I would reccomend adhesion promoter, primer, and semigloss black. those 3 layers will outlast the grey that was under it.


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                              Nice. Thanks for the tip. I agree with you, the grey/silver really does look bad. I'm totally putting in carbon fiber vinyl and painting anything that is grey. Just haven't decided on whether to go with all black or white like you did. Although I am sort of leaning towards white. The contrast looks really good.