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Honda Civic 2007 DXG Install

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  • Honda Civic 2007 DXG Install

    A few pics of the install
    Attached Files for Car Pics! for Touchscreen timeout fix!

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    very nice.
    i like. clean install

    2006 Mazda6 Carpc

    2008 Acura TSX Nexus 7


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      Mirrors: Leds with Blinker Effect also
      iPhone Dock in center console wired to pc, for tethering/charging use
      Door pocket leds and speaker leds
      2 Rope lights on each end of vehicle and 2 neon tubes inside grill (turquise/blue)
      SATA-DVDRW between headunit and ham radio all enclosed in custom made from scratch side mouldings.
      702TSV, taken apart, and put on an ipad3 screencover (ZAGG) over touchscreen entire glass, then reassembled LCD (The xenarcs are real easy to see scratches in day, but not anymore with the screen protector, the excess was just cut off the sides )
      USBBT100 linksys bluetoothg adapter, QStarzGPS 818X BT AND USB link, no need for xport, ride runner uses BT port, iguidance uses USB.
      Also wired in a garage door opener using 2 circuits, ignition for trigger, door stays open no matter how many times that button is clicked lol.
      GPS is located in the pic of the passenger inside mirror side, under the vent opening in the little window.
      Door lights stay on, switchable, floor lights open only when door is ajar, dims out when doors are closed.
      the mainboard is a D945GCLF2 with opus 320Watt psu for Car Pics! for Touchscreen timeout fix!


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        mirror lights blink orange when LEDs are off, but when BLUE led is on, the BLUE with blinking ORANGE make a neon glow effect, cycling blue/purple hehe
        dont worry about the mess on the floors, im starting to clean up now that im done, i already shampood the seats and carpets and got tarantula mats for floors.
        The DEXIM iphone dock fit perfectly in the back cup holder, i just opened it and resoldered a usb port underneath so you wouldnt see the wire popping out the front side blocking the other cup holder.
        USB hub is powered by the Opus PSU 5V on molex, and located right next to the ODB port, for future plugin upgrades
        as for the DVDRW, its sata slot loading, so no tray, ive tried the tray but opening is not big enough to get the disc out, but slot is perfect. its direct sata from console to D945GCLF2 mainboard and powered by the Opus
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          I like the install. When is the HF rig going in? Then you can hook it up to the PC and run HRD!
          Looking into doing that with my Yaesu 857D and my new Raspberry Pi.


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            Any info on that cb ish looking radio you have?


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              Originally posted by DracoPCGuy View Post
              Any info on that cb ish looking radio you have?
              Ham radio, kenwood tm-241, 2 meter band
     for Car Pics!

     for Touchscreen timeout fix!