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what would be best? two kickerL7 12" or a single Kicker solo X 18"???

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  • what would be best? two kickerL7 12" or a single Kicker solo X 18"???

    im wondering which would be best? the price is a little higher for the single 18 but im wondering if it would sound louder than the two 12"?? i have a MTXthunder1500 that pushed two 12" L7 that i blew out easy.... so should i by new L7 12"s or the single solo X 18"???

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    two 12's will be more accurate and tighter but still rock your trunk very well...if in a large ported box i bet they'd be louder than the single 18
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      i think the L series are flatulent. they're downright loud, but that it. it's just LOUD. there are no musical qualities to it. personally, i'd take loosing in a spl contest to being able to hear the beat of the song.

      i don't think you should go any larger then 12's, round subs are much better in terms of audio quality. i've really tried to like the L-series in the past, but when all i hear is BAWUMPHPHPHPHP on bass hits, compared to the solid BUMP that a normal round sub has, it is just really hard to like them...
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        I agree with soundman - two round 12s will still hit hard and will be far more accurate and less overbearing than the single 18. still depends if you're looking for that quality or something just very loud
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          Bah - if you want to be loud as all heck and still get a better sub you could get two top of the line JL Audio subs.
          I have to assume that if you blew out your old Kickers you are mostly concerned with SPL and not SQ - most drivers sound like butt if pushed hard enough to cause damage.
          If that's the case and you have room just get the 18" - there's more wow factor and you don't have to be a good box builder - just slap some MDF together and damage your hearing.
          Basically, it's your call regardless - as is always the rule with speakers and subs, trust your own ear before all else.
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