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    Alright, Ive been lurking around here long enough, figured it would be time to tip my hand and show what Ive been building.
    The truck that's getting all the attention is a 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10
    Click image for larger version

Name:	VTR-0174_Right-Side.jpg
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ID:	2309291
    And a pic of the Viper motor that powers this beast of a truck
    Click image for larger version

Name:	f4045061.jpg
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ID:	2309279
    And a stock photo of what the interior used to look like
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC06464.jpg
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ID:	2309280
    As you can tell there isnt a lot of room for a monitor, and I didnt want a flip out monitor because I just dont like em, and a V-10 truck needs a 10" screen, so I broke out the dremel and got to work.
    I got rid of the little storage container under neath the HVAC controls because it was affectionately known as an 'ejection port' anything stored in there was ejected into the back seat any time I got on the gas pedal, so that was gone, then to fit a 10" screen I had to move the HVAC controls down a tad. Once all the cutting, sanding and fiberglass was done, and the bleeding stopped the final product was this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	photo-3.jpg
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ID:	2309281
    I ended up taking off the vinyl and fixed the low spots on the lower right of the screen and to the right of it, then test fit it in the truck and prayed everything fit and worked correctly.
    Version 2.0 gave me the idea that I could color match the bezel to the rest of the truck so I pulled the fake carbon fiber off and started painting. I think it turned out OK for a first attempt but I have a sneaking feeling that Im going to end up remaking it (again) to try and get a better looking finished product.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	photo-4.jpg
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ID:	2309282
    Click image for larger version

Name:	6CF0054D-BF8B-48FD-8E3E-771CFA090A0A-9233-0000060F99A813C2_zpsbe4fcc72.jpg
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ID:	2310038
    From there I started working on the computer part of the project, I picked up an ASUS AT5NM10-I and an M2-ATX. I wasnt a fan of sticking it in a stock computer case and stashing it in the truck somewhere so I broke out the dremel again and some Plexi and got to work. Under the center front seat there is a storage area that was the right size to house the brains of this project. I started off mounting the motherboard to a piece of plexi with some threaded rod and nylon spacers (for air flow), then I added more spacers and a second level of Plexi to hold the hard drives and then a final top vanity layer. The computer stack looks like this when you open the lid to the storage area:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	b290dd01.jpg
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ID:	2309283
    From that, you can remove 4 nuts and remove the Viper vaniity plate to reveal Level 2, the harddrive layer:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	5f440d57.jpg
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ID:	2309284
    **Replaced one of the HDD's with an SSD to hold the OS and programs to improve boot times**
    Under that layer we come to Level 3, the power supply and mobo:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2b575d0f.jpg
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ID:	2309285
    The reason for the handles on Level 1 is two fold, one, for general stuff you can remove the 4 nuts and take the top layer off, reason 2, is I want to take the computer completely out for general maintenance or upgrades I can remove the 6 screws from the black outer containter and lift the whole stack out in one solid unit.
    Picture of the computer stack being built:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	ViperICE.jpg
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ID:	2309288
    So now comes time for audio. Stock just isnt my stylee (yes, with 2 e's) and given that its a truck there isnt a lot of places for me to hide a couple amps and a power cap and all that stuff. I played with the idea of putting them under the seats like most do, but Im pretty clumsy and drop stuff under the seats all the time. Most people with cars just tuck everything in the trunk, but trucks dont have trunks.. or do they? I have a tonneau cover and so I treated the bed of the truck like a trunk and got to work with some 3/4" white oak plywood, carpet to match the bed and more plexi. I started with a few dozen sketches and a few dozen beers and got my measurements. The layout I came up with was an amp on each side with the power cap in the middle:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2d8cc070.jpg
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ID:	2309286
    Click image for larger version

Name:	c5d4e64a.jpg
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ID:	2309287
    Once that was doClick image for larger version

Name:	ECF6FF90-2EAD-48F6-995E-57C93239EB75-9233-0000060FCF1091BA_zpsc5610b1b.jpg
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ID:	2310039ne, I added a 1/4" plywood face plate and added in the plexi windows to keep everything protected from dust and anything I might be hauling in the bed. After that I added a few coats of the spray on rubber waterproof coating I saw on TV to keep any humidity or random spills in the bed from destroying the wood over time, then wraped the whole deal in gray carpet to match the carpet that was already in the bed and mounted it to the back wall of the bed:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	9d3c7628.jpg
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ID:	2309289
    Version 1 of the box was made with 3/4" MDF and I was never happy with it, it weighed close to a metric ****-ton and my craftsmanship wasnt the best... so I rebuilt it with oak. End result:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	ECF6FF90-2EAD-48F6-995E-57C93239EB75-9233-0000060FCF1091BA_zpsc5610b1b.jpg
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ID:	2310039
    Now that that was nice a buttoned down, I needed somewhere for all that sound to go. The truck comes with an Infinity 8 speaker set up, but thats just not good enough for me, so I added component sets to the front, woofers and tweeters in the front doors and mid ranges to the dash, three way crossovers are inside the door panels. Two way speakers to the rear doors and a couple of 10's under the rear seat (for the ladies).
    Click image for larger version

Name:	3b35e82d.jpg
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ID:	2309290
    **Didnt take pictures of the doors, so use your imagination**
    Going back to the dash I needed some buttons to control functions of the truck and computer. Got some LED push buttons from eBay and wired them in so they lite up with the headlights so they are easily mashable in the night time.
    The buttons from top to bottom:
    Line Lock (for doing burnouts), monitor power, monitor input and the last two are for future expansion.

    The computer is tied into the trucks OBD port so I can monitor things.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	297F2069-4B5A-4639-8D46-3F71C596291A-9233-0000060FC3D63CEC_zps038d34be.jpg
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ID:	2310040
    Click image for larger version

Name:	A1CEC7CF-5975-4539-885B-D141D7E2F477-9233-0000060FBED8204F_zps6db0903b.jpg
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ID:	2310041
    Click image for larger version

Name:	42BE81BB-C365-4EDE-8CAF-375109B9AF92-9233-0000060FC9A4143A_zps3f79f183.jpg
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ID:	2310042
    In addition, the software can do simulated Dyno runs, has a light tree for testing drag times (on closed roads of course), graphs for just about every sensor there is on the truck and can map with GPS a set 'race track' and then provide telemetry as you are driving on the course.
    I have a camera mounted in the rear license plate to aid in backing up at night or (if the wife isnt around) checking out cute girls behind me. There is a 1000mW wifi adapter mounted behind the rear seats. This thing is so powerful Im kind of affraid to be near it, I was fooling around with it and picked up the McDonalds free wifi and their store is nearly 3/4 of a mile away. Worst case scenario I can use my truck as a microwave with it on high or I tll make me go sterile lol

    This one I dont have very many pictures of (youll read why in a moment).
    I hate carying keys. They jab me in the thigh, scratch up my phone when I put it in the wrong pocket, the keys always manage to be in the pocket that is the least accessable when my hands are full and I am exceedingly forgetful and loose my keys on a nearly constant basis. So, to ensure I dont accidently lock myself out while the truck is running (again) I needed a way to get into the truck.
    I could of hid a key somewhere on the truck, but thats not nerdy enough for me. So I added an RFID receiver to the driver side mirror that is tied into the door harness. When activated it sends the unlock pulse and the doors unlock. But, then Id have to carry around the RFID tag to swipe to unlock the doors. Doesnt really solve any problems, just gives me one more thing to keep track of, so, I got a little crazy and carefully implanted the RFID chip in my hand between my thumb and index finger.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	FF63CBAD-7F3D-4D3F-8756-0D0FBBB73DD6-9233-000006198B0915DC_zps88c42260.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	0488C568-FDC5-4DF1-BAD8-141DAA6A9DCF-9233-0000061990A36D53_zps5676cba7.jpg
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ID:	2310044
    I cant even feel that its there and it works pretty nicely. I have a vew pictures of the implant going in, I did it myself so the photo quality isnt the best, but if people wanna see em Ill post em up. The wife didnt know I did it, figured shed kill me before I got the chance to do it, so I did it while she was out shopping then told her I slipped while turning wrenches and thats why I had a bandage on my hand lol.
    This is the video taken about 30 seconds after the implant to test functionality:

    The black lines on my hand were to mark out areas to avoid, tendons nerves and bones and such.

    So there it is. Project Viper ICE and Project Proximity all buttoned up. Took a bunch of nerdiness and turning myself into a cyborg but shes finally done. Until I come up with another crazy idea.

    Stuff you cant see.
    USB OBD-II under the dash to keep an eye on things
    BU-353 GPS receiver mounted under the dash
    Viper 5701 Alarm to keep it all safe
    Patriot Ram

    Stuff still yet to do:
    TPMS to keep an eye on tire temps
    Front mount camera
    HUD reflected off windshield like the Corvette
    Valentine V1 connected to the computer
    JoyCon to use steering wheel controls

    Full specs of Project Viper ICE
    Monitor : 10.4" Capacitive touchscreen
    Power : M2-ATX
    Amps : Doors: Rockford Fostage Power T400-4 400watt Subs: Rockford Fosgate Power T600-2
    Cap : Rockford Fosgate 1 farad
    Speakers: Front: T165S 6.5" component Dash: 3.5" Rockford Fosgate P132 Rear: Rockford Fosgate T1675 6.75" Subs: P3D4 10"
    GPS : BU-353
    OBD-II : ELMScan 5 Compact
    Software: Centrafuse, OBD-Wiz, ProScan 5.9
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    Thats one sweet sleeper you got there. How do you keep tires on it? Nice job on the install, keep up the great work! SNO


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      Great job on the Car PC and stereo!! I absolutely LOVE those trucks, I've wanted one ever since I first saw one at the NY Auto show... enjoy it and know that people like myself are extremely jealous. lol.
      Worklog: 2006 Nissan Altima SER CarTab!


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        Sleeper? You know that thing go fast just by looking at it!
        Intel D945GCLF2 Dual Core ATOM
        Lilliput 7" 629GL 2008 LED Backlight
        BU-353 USB GPS Receiver / iGuidance / IGO8
        M2-ATX Power Supply
        RideRunner Front End / Various Skins
        Windows XP SP3


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          Much appreciated =) I fell in love with them when I saw them online and found a screaming deal on this truck so I got it sight unseen while I was deployed. As far as keeping the tires on it.. Ive had it for 2 years now and Im already on the 3rd set of rear tires =) Adding a line lock didnt help matters at all =)


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            Worklog is finally complete


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              Looks great. I want to have an RFID tag in my hand now too. The wife laughed at me.

              So says latinmaxima, so it shall be!


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                It's a pretty easy process to implant them, if you've got any questions on how to do it or anything I can point you in the right direction. The hardest part is getting past the idea you're stabbing yourself in the hand lol. Best part is it doesn't have to work only on the vehicle. You can tie it in to a lot of things, I have it set up to open my gun safe and soon it'll unlock the doors tithe house. And it's a pretty inexpensive modification. Got less than 100 bucks tied into the RFID side of the project so the cost vs function isn't too bad considering its expandable for so many things, you're really limited by your imagination on what you want to control.
                Plus I get to pretend to be a Jedi, wave my hand and doors unlock and what not lol
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                  Wow. Great build and that rfid implant is completely insane, but totally cool.
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                    Lol it's no fun if its not insane


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                      It seems insane on the surface, but we shove them in our dogs like that.

                      The gun safe idea is pretty brilliant. Gun safety is a huge deal yet accessability when it matters is crucial. There would be no key or combination for a kid to find/figure out.

                      I don't mind carrying keys and need them for work anyways, but after my initial glance my curiosity has been piqued.
                      Computer is in the car, but in a very "raw" install right now.

                      Worklog - here


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                        I figured in a critical situation a combination can be forgotten or fumbled with the stress/fear and a fingerprint scanner can take a few swipes to get them to read correctly. Just a swipe of the hand near it and it clicks open, simple and easy and takes no time at all so I can focus on dealing with whatever threat foolishly comes through the door =)


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                          Nice spot for a 10", kudos for the large display, I liike it.


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                            incredible build. that 10" screen looks like it'd be real easy on the eyes vs. the 7" I went with. I am on the fence about the implant, though. it's so awesome on one hand, but on the other hand, it's really nice to be able to toss your keys to the person holding a knife or gun to you. ya know? you get to keep all your limbs if the unthinkable should ever happen.