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Galaxy Tab 2 Install (Honda Civic)

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  • Galaxy Tab 2 Install (Honda Civic)

    Cars and audio has always been a runner up to paintball as another hobby of mine. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but finally got the money and time to do it. I'm a broke college student, so keep that in mind, lol. I had a lot of fun doing it, hope you enjoy watching it.

    What I've done:

    -Taken a Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab and fit it into my double DIN dash
    -Moved the head unit from the dash down next to hand brake
    -Extended the wire harness to the new head unit location
    -Ran a 6' aux cable from the Tab to the back of the head unit
    -Cut up a leather case with microfiber padding to make a sleeve to slide the tab in and out of to make it easy to remove

    Why I've done it:

    -Already had a Tab
    -Love the touchscreen interface. Most cheaper double DIN's are resistive touch (gotta press hard on the screen) and difficult to see at wide angles.
    -Powered by Android. Lots of apps, Google maps, theming abilities, and plenty of music player options.
    -Portable. I can remove it from the custom sleeve I built into it and use it like a regular tablet. Or take it out for fear of theft.

    What's left to do:

    -Fit this dock into the dash so that when it slides in, it connects to the dock which connects to the power and automatically turns the tab on when the car starts
    -Wire in another car charger to connect to the dock
    -Save some money for some decent subs. Current only running amp to rear speakers
    -Magnetize the dash section where the Tab sits so I can pop it out easily for quick removal

    -Mp3car forums for allowing me to lurk and get ideas from the couple installs already done there
    -Civic Forums here for the DIY's on removing dash pieces and taking out the head unit
    -and to anyone who may leave a nice comment or some helpful ideas to keep this build going

    Anyone else looking to do this, feel free to ask any questions you want.


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    I am about to do the exact same thing with my Civic. How did you mount the tablet? I know you used a sleeve from a leather case which is a great idea but how is the sleeve mounted?


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      Thats a nice clean install in your civic. did you do any canbus interfacing?