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  • Calibra Turbo CarPC - Serbia

    Hello, heres another project of mine. Its a CarPC for my mates vectra but it will be in my Calibra for some time. Dashboards are same in both cars but he painted hes interrior parts glossy black, thats why custom lcd bezel is also glossy. I used eeepc 901 which had broken screen and faytech 8" vga ts. I made plexiglass pc case and fiber bezel for display using spare factory dashboard part and display case. Installed Windows XP with some tweaking and making light installation. Added virtual ram drive, minlogon and ewfmgr so HORM boot is around 30sec.

    Testing before fitting

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    Final look


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      Whoa its been months and i totally forgot to update this thread ... CarPC made it to my friends Vectra A 1989 3.0 mv6 last year

      And for my everyday calibra ive got something more convenient to use, much faster and very functional its Appradio 2....

      Modifying my dashboard and making cardboard bezel

      Lasercutting plexiglass bezel and fiberglassing it, lots of sanding and fine filling, in the end sprayed it with matte black :P

      It fits nicely, ive been using it since last year, i've installed rear view cam recently, pretty pleased with chinese technology


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        Nice work, looks very professional!