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Added Carputer, HDTV, 2 Recording webcams for Traffic and Backseats,ETC to Prius 2007

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  • Added Carputer, HDTV, 2 Recording webcams for Traffic and Backseats,ETC to Prius 2007

    Hello, i have had this car since 2007 an my kids have always been fighting in the back of my Prius so i have installed a DVD player and a HDTV.

    About 3 years later when my baby daughter was born i installed a Carputer

    (Computer+Car, ill talk about it later.) which also recorded a webcam i installed in the front and back of the car.
    The front webcam is a 81.1 degree angle camera which is recording the front traffic ahead in case there is a car crash.

    The back webcam is a 102 degree camera to record the kids as evidence of their fights.

    I also installed 2 wireless Logitech Rumble-pad 2

    for the boy's video games and such; a middle touchscreen console to duplicate the HDTV's screen so my daughter can open movies herself
    ; and also a wireless keyboard/mouse thing.

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    Looks good, apparently this forum is dead because nobody is replying


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      Forum's not dead, we are just slow this time of year.

      Interesting install. Glad you like it.
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        Thank You
        I did


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          Do you plan on covering the mount for the large LCD Screen?

          Otherwise it seems okay, glad you enjoy it.


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            do you miss your back window with a screen that big back there? Maybe its just the perspective, but I'd go nuts looking in the rearview and seeing nothing but screen lol. Nice install!
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              I really like this! I am researching to do something similar in my Expedition. I want to have a dedicated screen for movies for my daughter then a smaller screen on the passenger dash for wife to surf the net and a dash monitor for me to keep an eye on obd2 info. I really like your set up!