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2008 Suzuki SX4 - Tablet Install

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  • 2008 Suzuki SX4 - Tablet Install

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    I am not one to type a bunch of stuff out, so I will let the pictures do what I am to lazy to do.

    I do have the bluetooth OBDII and the Torque app installed as well.
    No easy spot to install my CD player so it is installed actually behind the tablet. There is a IR blaster that it hooked up and mounted low for my CD remote so I can change inputs.
    If anyone has any ideas where I could install my CD player. Feel free to let me know.

    I saw a thread on here for using a wall paper for a main screen. I loved the idea, followed the steps and ran-away with it. I just used the lines that they had already done and flipped them vertically. The icons used on the screen goes credit to another place (Metrostation, Deviantart).

    God, that is a terrible pic of the inverter. Sorry for the poor camera shot, the one with all the lines going through.

    I found a cheap inverter at a local store that costed me about 40 bucks. I removed my cigarette lighter and hooked up my inverter to the posi and neg wires that were running to the lighter. I did pull a dumb dumb move. When I was clipping the wires when the car was off, I thought, well this should be easy.. and snip. Done! Hooked up everything.. WTF no power?! Well, this is crap. Thinking over and over, and talking out loud, I finally had realized I blew my fuse even when the car was off. Oops, lesson learned. (A cheap lesson though :P)

    So, any more thoughts and ideas?


    For ****s and grins, I also attached what my car looks like on the inside. I did install the red LED's too. My son loves them.

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    Looks good! I take it that the tablet is fixed and not easily removed. You have the glow in the car just right, nice job SNO


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      Tablet takes about 3 minutes to remove. Fairly easy to remove. And thank you sir!


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        What tablet are you using?
        Does it have radio or internet radio only?

        Did you connect it through your car speakers?

        I did similar install in my Suzuki Grand Vitara a while ago, works good


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          Well, none of the name brands. lol. I wanted to find a tablet that didn't have ANY logo on the front so i don't have to look at it. I am using the HiSense Pro. For a $150 bucks with a Tegra Quad core processor, can't go wrong. It does have a newer Deck behind the tablet with 2 aux inputs. So radio and internet radio. Yes it does run through my speakers.

          I actually looked at your install multiple times before I did mine. lol. I googled Suzuki Tablet install and came across yours before. :P


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            Looking good, I still didn't install Car Home Ultra app/launcher in mine, how is it?


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              I uninstalled Car Home Ultra. It was okay. I prefer actually making the custom wallpaper and setting transparent widgets to launch apps. You can customize the **** out of it. Which i love.


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                Thats a good idea, I'm using the stock Android launcher ATM with widgets, I might try your idea though.


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                  very nice job. I've had some form of my installation for months now and it seems like I'm contantly working on it. I didn't know it they invisible widets that could be set to a wallpaper, kind of like a jpg/html link map in a photo.