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  • Focus Car PC Installations In UK

    Hi all

    so ive installed a car pc into my focus 2003. This is all self planned and installed myself.
    Car Specs:

    Intel Motherboard w/ Atom 1.86ghz Mini ITX
    4GB DDR3 Ram
    160 GB HDD SATA
    Mini Box 350 Mini ITX Case
    M4 ATX PSU w/ M4 ATX Mini Case
    WIFI Dongle
    Bluetooth Dongle
    Front & Rear Cameras
    Lilliput 6.95" screen w/ built in Auto reverse camera switch

    Here are some picks..

    Computer Under the seat before M4 ATX case Came

    Front Camera

    Windows 7 & the screen

    There are other pictures but ill have to get them

    Further plans
    Move Car PC from under the seat to the boot
    Front & Rear Parking sensors
    Front Webcam to record Driving
    Steering wheel controls
    Xbox 360 In car

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    That's a crap load of wires in the first pic. Let's see more. What FE are you running? Keep it going SNO


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      Running centrafuse man, Yea all that wiring has gone :P


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        Hello fellow UK Car PCer,

        There are a few UK based Car PCers knocking about. I tend to post more on the Astra forums but still have a very keen interest with what is happening on mp3car .

        My project started life in a Ford Focus too - hence my username.

        I'm very interested in the front camera, whether you get headlight saturation from other cars at night, etc.

        Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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          I have that same case. Do you have a picture of how it looks with your M4-ATX? Did you have to notch the case to get the power wire to fit? I am considering H2o Cooling since I have a cooler I could use. If I do I have to notch the case to pass the water lines out. I MAY do it simply because then I can house my computer inside the console and have the cooler in the interior of the car. But I don't know if the coolers are rated for extreme cool weather.



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            The M4-ATX looks very overkill for an Intel Atom PC.


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              Originally posted by alawadhi3000 View Post
              The M4-ATX looks very overkill for an Intel Atom PC.
              An M3-ATX runs my I3 with lots of power left so I agree but still curious how he got it to work with the case.


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                Updated -
                So now i have a new car... Its a 2006 Focus ST in Electric Orange. It is running around 315hp at the moment before any more mods are applied.

                Here is a picture of the car itself.

                I have installed the Car pc into this car and this time running the car PC in the glove box... This will actually be moved to the boot in the next few weeks as i dont want it in the front anymore.. anyway the pictures are as follows.


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                  So, what's the OS for the new one?
                  Win CE or XP. After look your photos it's not win 7


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                    it could be windows 7 with aero turned off. perhaps video drivers are not installed OR windows assessment saw that atom sticker and won't allow user to enable windows aero.


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                      Turned off Aero for a bit. Using classic mode.

                      have switched back to aero anyway now.
                      Having issues with alternator buzz now so investigating this.


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                        I had an alternator whine when I had my carpc plugged into a head unit's aux input. but when I manned up and plugged 6 channels of motherboard audio directly into amps not only did the alternator whine go away but I also gained surround sound. sometimes the middle man is just gets in the way.

                        from the pics of your wiring, you should start by looking at all ground wires. making sure they are short and straight to a body/chassis ground.