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  • Dave's Astra G with Car PC

    Opel Astra Mk4 2001 1.6 SXi

    The car started as completely standard but has evolved over the years. I have added many features, some Car PC based and other just car based. I'm happy to answer any questions about the PC or the car .

    Here's a pic of the car as standard...

    With the first iteration of the touchscreen...

    And PC in the boot (nothings changed there )

    I got the centre console customised to have the screen fitted...

    And fitted it looks like this ...

    The car now looks like this...

    The features I have added include steering wheel controls with K8055 to control PC, remote PC start using tailgate button on key fob, integrated dash indication for PC state and a timer delay to keep the PC alive whilst refulling.

    There are many more details on the Astra Owners Club (see - I'm fairly sure non-members can view.

    I am currently running a RideRunner/Sygic with Elite 2 .

    (these pics are pre-Sept 2012 but I have a couple of vids to follow)
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    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.

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    Originally posted by Astra Owners Club Forums

    You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to the forum's features

    The Thread you are trying to view has moved or been deleted. If you think you followed a valid link, you may notify the AOC team.
    Been following this over on MiG... some serious modding been going on with this with regards the pc and car!!

    Pete (vauxmaster)


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      Dave One Car PC Video

      I have finally got around to making a video of my Car PC in action. The purpose is to demonstrate the touchscreen, steering and voice control functions. You'll have to excuse the recording that makes me sound like a scared robot, lol.

      Touchscreen demonstration

      This is self-explanatory really, just demonstrating how reactive the touchscreen is and a selection of menus.

      Steering Wheel demonstration

      The steering wheel interface can be programmed for specific menu and default to a standard. I also demonstrate short press functions such as next/previous track, volume up/down, play/pause; and long press (2 seconds) functions such as Audio Player, GPS, Main Menu and Microphone.

      Voice demonstration

      Although self-explanatory I should mention that pressing the steering wheel button activates the microphone and mutes the music. I have found this to be very accurate, even when driving on motorways with reasonably loud road noise or passenger (kids) messing about. This is largely due to its location just in front of me on the steering wheel cowling.

      Please feel free to PM or post on my comments thread with any queries at all, especially if you what a part of the demo explained more clearly .

      This video was for my Astra Owners Club buddies, so it'll be much more familiar to you guys

      Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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        Arduino Uno Input Board

        I produced the code (with some help from a fellow Car PCer called Trev - thanks mate ) for the Arduino Uno Rev 3 to be able to monitor multiple analogue inputs, namely the steering wheel control buttons (6 of but doubled to 12 due to monitoring for a greater than 1 second hold) and both heated seat switches converted specifically for this application (details on switch conversion to follow).

        The Arduino essentially measures the analogue inputs to detect change. When the analogue value is at a predetermined value, which has a allowable tolerance level or variance, a keyboard value is produced to simulate a keypress. The Car PC front end software is manipulated to associate a function to the keypress and can be set globally (throughout every screen/mode) or locally within that particular screen. This means the 'next track' button can be 'next track' in GPS and Audio Player screen/mode, or 'scroll down' in Audio Browser mode.

        Pic time . The Arduino Board in a lovely electric blue layer case . Note the connections, one USB to communicate with the Car PC and a three analogue inputs which is A0 (Steering Wheel Button) and A1/A2 (heated seat switches).

        Stowed in the glovebox next to the USB Hub.

        The heated seat switches used for control.

        The offside heated seat switch settings are as follows:

        0 - No action
        1 - GPS
        2 - Audio Player
        3 - Audio Library
        4 - OBD live data feed
        5 - File Synchronisation (currently only set up for USB drive but could be over wifi)

        The nearside heated seat switch settings are as follows:

        0 - No action
        1 - Main Menu
        2 - Entertainment Mode
        3 - Tools Mode
        4 - Settings Mode
        5 - Power Mode

        The steering wheel buttons are as follows:

        I will produce a short video to demonstrate the buttons in action .
        Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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          Modified Astra Heated Seat Switch Video

          As promised, a quick demo of the new modified heated seat switches used to quickly navigate my Car PC .

          I inadvertently referred to the Arduino Uno Rev 3 Board as the Fusion Board - that's my next project, lol.
          Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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            The Car PC's New Home

            I've been working on a false boot wall for either side of the boot - one side for the Car PC, and the other side for a subwoofer/amplifier/external soundcard .

            The Car PC has been living under this for years, not pretty but functional.

            I'm really pleased with the results despite my carpetting skills lacking a little.

            Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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              I'm about to start my build and looking forward to it... I also visit norfolk every two weeks (dereham) so maybe come look at yours some point



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                Originally posted by Pete Biggs View Post

                I'm about to start my build and looking forward to it... I also visit norfolk every two weeks (dereham) so maybe come look at yours some point

                If you come up the A10 even better. I live 10 mile south of Kings Lynn. You're welcome to call around and have a look (and cuppa too) .
                Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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                  Logitech DiNovo Mini Keyboard

                  Car PC time again..... For a while I have wanted a small wireless keyboard to stow more easily. After researching a while back I decided on a Logitech DiNovo Mini Wireless. It was just a case of waiting for the sun, moon and stars to align on eBay .

                  Here's the Amazon image of the keyboard...

                  And here are some of the bits...

                  Here's the little fella ...

                  And here it is stowed in the fuse box cubby...

                  The wireless transmitter/receiver is installed in the USB hub in the glove box and the range is more than adequate.
                  Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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                    It's the best keyboard for in the car other than it doesn't have the f-keys. I cut the end off my A/C charger and have it powered via 5v regulator to keep it charged, but the charge lasts a long time usually at least a month before needing charging again. Good luck SNO


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                      I used one of these for years. VERY reliable, charge lasts forever. Missing function keys are really the only downside.


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                        Think i paid nearly $200 aud for mine back in the day..but its still going strong!!


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                          I'm going to try to find time to install Windows 7 and RR Elite 2 on my Zotac D2550itx WiFi supreme this week . Working out my Fusion brain with RR also remains a priority....

                          BTW, good tip Sno. I might take a M1-ATX 5v feed for this .
                          Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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                            Mk6 Steering Wheel Upgrade

                            The Astra Mk4 Steering Wheel...

                            The Astra Mk6 Steering Wheel...

                            Mk6 Steering Wheel illuminated

                            I just need to get my Fusion Brain v6 working to decipher the steering wheel resistive ladder to RR commands .
                            Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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                              Looks like a great upgrade. I think you might be better off and quicker too, to just get yourself a joycon. I believe it already has support for RR, CF and Driveline Good luck SNO