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My carputer project: Solaslim

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  • My carputer project: Solaslim

    Car: 2000 Toyota Solara SE
    Engine: V6 200Hp

    Car Stereo:
    HU: Kenwood MP3/CD player
    MTX crossover
    6.5 Infinity Kappy seperate with tweeter up front.
    6x9 MQ Quart back
    2 6-channel Aura amplifiers.
    3 10-inches Bazooka subwoofers in Q-Logic enclosure.

    Carputer: Solaslim
    Case: glove box for case.
    Power: Mini-box PW-60 DC-DC (modified to 120 watts)
    Storage: 30 gig
    Sound: onboard --> FM modulator --> amplifiers --> speakers.
    Motherboard: EPIA 800Mhz
    Memory: 256 MB PC-133
    Videocard: onboard
    Display: 7 inches LCD monitor
    Extras: Gyration wireless keyboard & 3D mouse, custom power+reset button+LED lights,

    window XP professional, wireless network and 2000+ songs.

    Coming soon: In-dash DVD player, GPS and repaint the monitor. Maybe relocate the PC to

    custom case and place under passenger seat.

    A quick glance inside:

    Control 1

    Monitor with WinXP

    Monitor (cont.)

    Monitor (cont)



    PC @ night

    Carputer @ night


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    Pretty sweet install. Gotta love the good slick looking installations. Great JOB. Three thumbs up!!
    What im curently listening to.
    My complete carpc setup


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      nice install, I was thinking about doing the same thing but I don't know if I'll have enough room in my glove box. What did you use to mount everything in there?
      EPIA 800, DWW-7VGA LCD w/Touchscreen, 256mb ram, dvd rom, ati radeon 7000 video card, 80 gb 3.5" hard drive.


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        How did you get the laptop to startup when the car turns on?



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          Very nicely done. Very clean. I assume that blue thing standing up in the coin holder is the antenna for your keyboard?


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            how about a pic of those subs


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              man i wish i could fit a computer in my glove box...i can't even fit a single cd in there...i mean there isn't really a reason i have a glove box...

              enough whinning....nice job dude.
              "The Great Boob"


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                Hi guys,

                Thanks for stopping by. I've been away for a while, sorry I couldn't response to any of your comments.

                osirisdon, Thanks.

                bjm2020, I drilled the mobo directly to the glove box with some wood in the middle and run all the wires on the opening hole on top of it.

                I don't set my computer to turn on with my inigition. I only use the computer at night or when I need the map (GPS). The main stereo system is from my Kenwood mp3 cd player. To turn the computer on, I hit the "RED" button on my customized controlled (as you see in the picture). Since I'm using winXP, I set the button to turn the computer into hibernating.
                Hit once, it will be hibernate and turn off everything.
                Hit again, it will come back up with everything I left before.

                Btw, it's not a laptop. I just use the laptop's cdrom with a laptop to IDE device kit.

                Skippman, yes, that blue antenna is for the wireless keyboard & mouse. I took it off the original case and customized there with my other buttons.

                -B-e-N-, here we go, nothing's big, but I'm thinking of change my stereo system soon.
                The subs when I was installing the system months ago.

                Behind the back seat:

                TheGreatBoob, thanks.


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                  nice what is that tube cylinder thing next to your X over


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                    that would be a 1 Farad Capacitor I believe
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                    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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                      dose that stop unwanted noise


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                        a capacitor is used to level out the power consumption from the alternator. when a system (esp with high wattage subs) hits a loud note, it drains more power for a brief moment...a /\/\/\ kind of pattern is formed (graph of power consumption). a camacitor draws power from the alternator evenly and remains charged at all times when the system is turned on. when a big note is hit, the cap provides the extra punch to the amps instead of directly from the alt...thus it keeps the lights from dimming (as much at least) and allows a higher wattage system to be run off a lower output alt (eg a stock alt).
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                        12w7...arc audio kar1000.2t...jl 300/4 pushng focal premier eqs
                        want: my stereo actually IN the car


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                          thats pretty sweet.
                          S60 Install


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                            Originally posted by stkdidy ntshidy
                            a capacitor is used....
                            I couldn't have said it better myself
                            [H]4 Life
                            My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
                            It will be done sometime in the next generation.
                            I'm a lesbian too.
                            I am for hire!


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                              ah i see