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Davi's SmartStang Mustang Pictures

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  • Davi's SmartStang Mustang Pictures

    A Picture of the screen Coming out, it is a lanzar SVTV64.

    A Screenshot of the DVD Player

    A picture of my Intel Wireless Game controller, also doubles as a mouse.

    A picture of my mini VIK Keyboard (soon to be replaced by an EluminX)

    Screenshot of the GPS Navigation in Action, I am running Delorme SA 2003 with Voice navigation and speech recognition.

    Skinned Winamp, I have about 8500 songs loaded on the Hard Drive

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    Screenshot of the Winamp Visualzation.

    Yet another Screenshot of winamp

    My remote control for the screen also controls my winamp through an IR plugin and a serial IR reciever

    Basic View of the Desktop

    2 RF 10" subs and a 150watt RF Amp

    Close up of the Amplifier, yes thats a ford symbol in the middle

    Picuture of the Decoy Computer, the Real computer is behind it (not as pretty)


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      The real thing, AMD Athlon 1.3ghz 512MB Ram, 60 Gig HD, Radeon 7500/wtv-out.

      Side View of the trunk

      Inverter and power Strip

      Red toggle switch is for my knight rider lights, red button is power for the computer, black thing to the left is an IR Reciever.

      Picture of my Guage bezel

      Carbon Fiber Trim Kit

      Rear View Camera


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        I'll be happy to answer any questions and I'm definately open for ANY suggestions. Thanks -Davi

        I'll be replacing the screen with one of those In-dash motorized VGA touchscreens as soon as they come out (the end of august)


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          oops! almost forgot the picture of the car itself!


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            **** me nice ride.

            Nice setup, I like the decoy computer idea.
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              Very nice.
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