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  • Schitzophrenia

    *enters thread*

    *taps on mike*

    Uuh... is this thing on? Umm... Hi. My name is Bill, and... I'm an audiophile.

    *general applause*


    Project Name: Schitzoprenia
    Car: 1996 Honda DX Hatchback (Silver)
    Engine: 1.6L SOHC Naturally Asperated 5-Speed
    Goal: To create a car with a Jeckell and Hyde-like setup. Basically, a car with two different and distinct operating personalities. One, a stock-like beige box commuter with a nice quiet stereo. the other, a screamin' pocket rocket with a kick-butt audio setup. How will i do it? you'll see...

    Current Engine/Performance Mods: removed intake resonator.
    Planned Engine/Performance Mods: extensive.
    Current Stereo: stock HU with cassette-to-diskman adapter, Radioshack 6x9 3-ways in the back and stock 6 1/2 door speakers
    Planned Stereo: see below.

    This is basically a shopping list of things that are happening to the car. This doesn't include any performance/ engine mods.

    Head Unit: Stock Honda Head Unit
    Front Speakers: JBL GTO605c $129.99
    Rear Speakers: Radioshack 3-way (currently installed)
    Line-Level Converter: Pyramid NS60 $9.99x2
    Speaker Amp: Profile California CA640 $159.99
    extensive modification to stock head unit to allow line-level RCA inputs from (A) computer to be discussed later and (B) cd player, changer, or other source.
    Dynamat sound dampening ~$69.99
    Computer system: 733mhz PIII 256MB SDRAM 80GB Hard drive in
    sink-sandwhich-suspend cage.
    Sound card:undecided
    Ethernet: Onboard
    USB: Onboard
    Video: Trident PCI or greater
    7" LCD touch screen interface (possibly mounted in glove compartment) $380
    Inexpensive mini-keyboard ~$20
    OBD-II Diagnostic Link and software $122.00
    Rand McNally Navman e-Series GPS interface $119.95
    Linksys WRT54G Wireless 802.11G Accesspoint/router/switch.

    SS2000CSS Pinhole camera $45.00x2
    Possibly a PS/2 or DVD-Rom drive for dvd-playback.
    Radioshack HTX-252 2-meter radio
    Realistic 40-channel CB
    Optima D31M Deep Cycle Battery $195.5 (possibly a smaller one if i can get
    away with it)
    Lightning Audio LS10-03 1-farad capaciter $109.99
    Power distrobution Block ~$30.00

    I've no idea what else will happen to it... some of this might change as i aquire new parts.


    oh yah... i'm bill...

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    So you dont have a project to show off but you're just showing off your ideas? I got tons of those that'll blow your mind away.
    NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
    If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.


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      rice is bad.... mmmkay?