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  • mp3te :)

    Project Name: MP3 TE
    Car: 1979 Ford TE cortina
    Engine: 6cyl 250xflow

    Basic Stereo Information: sony cdxca600x cd head unit sony 10 stacker
    jbl 6x9's jpb 3 ways boss amp

    Carputer: cyrix 333 (for now)
    Case: no case all mounted behind the lcd
    Power: inverter for now
    Storage: 40 gig
    Sound: onboard pos

    Information Sources:

    not many piccies yes im still working on it but its all up and running

    donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council

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    couldnt have picked a better spot for the PC, looks good especially w/ that cd rom on side.
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      yeah im really happy with it
      the dvd drive is being replaced with a slot load dvddrive i just gotta go buy one at the computer market

      also the cdplayer in the photo aint the sony i had my car broken into and they took the face from the sony but ive ordered one and its being shipped as ib type so hopefully i will get it later this week

      for sound input i brought a 2 input 2 output av selecter and have that tapped between the cdstacker so i let a cd start playing from the stacker and i get sound from either the pc or the stacker depending where the switch is the switch is actually behind the console cause i never listen to cds from the stacker
      donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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        If my speakers would be mounted as yours, they'd get bashed in about ten minutes. I'd recommend you to get some grille
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          ok heres a update i did this for another forum so thought you may be interested in a few more photos

          car is a wip(work in progress) but im currently comtemplating changing shells to my tf cortina wagon but i dunno yet

          ok here she is all the info

          1979 te cortina
          250xflow, alloy head,webber carby, genie extractors,alloy rocker cover,high torque startermotor,gas cam, electronic ignition
          4 speed manual shortned shifter
          3.47 diff (wanna change to a 2.92lsd)
          15" peformance alloys 195/?/15 michelen tyres (bald)
          custom interior (well mainlyapart from seats and guages)

          sony cdplayer,sony 10stacker,jbl6.5"splits front,jbl 6x9 rear, boss 800w amp, 2 clarion vnet 12" subs, celeron 800 computer hooked up to a 10.4" lcd 40gig hdd wireless keyboard and mouse, remote control
          has 15 gig of mp3s 10 gig of music videos gps maps ubd directory 5 gig of movies o and a few old games to play when bored waiting

          dunno what else to say
          here are the piccies

          as for the speakers before i made the pods they where flat on the door i kicked them all the time ended up smashing the grills now that there in the pods i havnt kicked them once and hope i never do

          donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council