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Nissan 100 NX (1600) Part I (installing cables and layout)

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  • Nissan 100 NX (1600) Part I (installing cables and layout)

    Project Name: 100NX carputer
    Car: 1991 Nissan 100NX (1600)
    Engine: 1.6L
    <basic picture of car goes here>

    Basic Stereo Information: Panasonic headunit/sony amp /JBL speakers

    Still to come:
    Carputer: Epia 10000
    Storage: 10 gig
    Sound: via sound

    Installing the MDF board with the AMP already on it, Computer products still to come (the white paper is a lifesize print of the epia board):

    the already installed powercables

    cables to install (without usb)

    usb in ashtray, before

    man at work

    checking cables

    covering up (for now)

    coverd with mdf

    Nothing to see...

    drilling the usb hub

    fixed with cable-ties

    "fixing" the ashtray

    usb hub installed

    headunit in the dark

    I can use the booth voor anything I want because I didn''t loose any space.

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    92 Taurus SHO - Daily driver - Epia M10000 80GB 512mb 7" touchscreen, Opus PSU etc

    93 Black SHO - 30mpg cruiser

    90 Silver SHO - 419whp fun/project car, CarPC to come (for tuning)


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      Ooooh I wanna see completed pics!


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        Very nice, I like stealth installs, just make sure to properly ventilate your amp and PC!


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          Originally posted by noodles
          Ooooh I wanna see completed pics!

          Yeah me three, but first I need to buy the products before I can install them .

          What I intend to buy

          Lilliput 7"VGA touchscreen
          Epia 10000 M
          256 MB RAM
          sharkoon USB keyboard
          GPS ??
          Good dc-dc convertor
          OPUS 90w or Minibox 70a only if regulated and shutdowncontrolled.

          what I intend to do:

          Make an indash motorized LCD
          Run windows XP embedded or windows automotive
          Use my cars diagnostics connector (non- ODBII)

          Many more ideas like radardetection etc.


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            Originally posted by SWYZ721
            Very nice, I like stealth installs, just make sure to properly ventilate your amp and PC!

            Youre right, allready tought of that, wil do a cut out of the MDF, and place a ventilation piece, screwed to the MDF. No PlexiglassI think, not sure.


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              Hoei, (I'm assuming you're Dutch...)
              Looks very stealth- very nice. Very slick boot install too . Your post had me going for a moment there- I thought the car was an NSX....
              In da club....

              ALIZEE WANTS YOU.....

              Bunny's first poo
              __ U


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                videodok - nice job, im a proud owner of an 100nx also, check my site for photos and info on my car.

                "Use my cars diagnostics connector (non- ODBII)" - what are u using? maybe i can use the same for my project.

                SpitFire_Pt, Burning U Out!


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                  Your trunk is super clean and super neat! You did a wonderful job man, keep it up!!
                  VER. 3.0- Check out below:
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