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Nissan 200SX install progress

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  • Nissan 200SX install progress

    Well for some time I have had a computer installed in my car but I didn’t do a very good job installing it…

    It was really just for a test when I originally installing the computer so nothing fancy was needed.

    But as time went on and setting it up and getting it to work with remote control, it started to be a part of the car so it was time to do things right

    This is what I have at the mo

    Sony PSone 5" LCD
    P3 700mhz
    Some Abit MB
    60gb hd for mp3 and films
    cd rom
    voodoo3 with tv out
    Soon to have GPS

    "Edit for 18th May 2005"

    This post is so old now and its been dragged back up again so here are the updates

    The PC is now using

    7" lilliput Touch screen
    AMD 1600MXP @ 2600XP speeds "runs nice and cool"
    Shuttle motherboard with Nforce 2 chipset"
    Geforce 4 MX
    528mb ram
    Still using my 60gb hd for mp3 and films
    GPS installed
    Dlink radio
    Soundstorm sound

    So its had a bit of an update

    As some of you know this was my original screen

    And here it is all fitted!

    Nothing like having a new stereo installed….. Hang on a tick?
    “If you have seen this before you know what’s coming”

    How dirty are my mats

    Some clever chap has installed a screen behind the stereo!

    Here is a pic of the interface for the MP3 part

    And here we have a better pic of how the screen looks….. Only thing messing it up was the glare

    Here we have an MP3 playing showing visuals

    And its great for films!
    Short Circuit 2 anyone?

    I don’t see no PC in there??

    Final pic of the screen on standby

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    Again all these pics are dead so here are the update pics

    New interface

    And the all important GPS software


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      Pics with the power on

      In this pic you can see the large circuit board at the back of the screen

      Ok time to see if the screen fits in the car

      as you can see the black plastic looks good enough for me, just look how good it looks…… hold up a sec!

      AHhhhh that’s better

      If you look at the ashtray your see two buttons on it, ones for volume up and down and ones for mute as traveling at speeds and using a remote are not good things

      ok now to find them blue LED’s


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        Huge improvement! I really like the dummy stereo disguise! I might have to steal that idea from you.


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          man thats a very cool install! I love the fake radio!
          And the Hex bolts look great - much better than smooth-topped bolts would have.
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            what year is your 200SX?
            Its funny how much differant our cars are Gotta love Nissan's way of havin the same car in ten countries being totally different.

            Nice install how do you keep the fake radio in place? it just sits up there?
            Originally posted by menudude
            thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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              My 200SX is a 91 facelift model that I got about 2 mouths ago

              Here’s a little pic for ya

              As for the radio cover.

              The Perspex cover for the screen stops about 7mm from being level with the rest of the dash so the radio cover slots in and doesn’t move till you take it off.


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                your looks alot nicer than mine. Im so jealous... why do the US get just ugly cars from japan
                Originally posted by menudude
                thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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                  That cassette cover is badass...
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                    This is me taking camouflage to a whole new level

                    Looks like a normal tape player with a tape sticking out

                    That should do it


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                      You are my God!
                      That radio cover is amazing.
                      (Hopefully you dont mind if ill steal your idea) ;d

                      "If today was perfect, there would be no need for tomorrow."
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                        hahaha go for it


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                          Its been said already, but ill say it again. The radio faceplate is a great idea, and with the tape in it, it looks completely real. great idea!
                          Project AutoBoxen: Coming along, almost ready to hook up in the car.
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                            I wonder if this can be clasified as one of the "most amazing installs yet". That dummy radio is freaking awesome. I cant get enough of it. Good job!!
                            What im curently listening to.
                            My complete carpc setup


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                              that's sweet!
                              even that car rocks! I want one w/ the steering wheel on the right side. Anyone know of a place to find cars like that in the US?