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84 Volvo Station Wagon

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  • 84 Volvo Station Wagon

    Well, the car is not very exciting, but I am more of a computer person than a car person.

    I mounted the screen to a peice of Plexiglas that I painted black. There are two buttons: one to turn on the compuer and the other for the LCD. I am currently working on a automatic on/off circuit.

    There is a little glare on this screen, but when I tint the windows, it should not be an issue. Next time I remove the Plexiglas I will repaint it to better match the interior.

    The computer is stowed away in this compartment in the back. When the top is closed, there are no wires or anything to see.

    I picked up this case for $5. It is sturdy and easy to work with. It's nice to be able to remove the computer and use it other places.

    The software is all custom stuff I made. No driving directions yet, although address lookup is half written. Everything runs on redhat 9.0.

    The gps is that cheap $30 digitraveler from radio shack. It is slow to lock on, but I dont have any spare cash for a better one.

    For more info, visit:
    ME-6000, Lilliput 7" vga + touch, generic GPS, RedHat 9, custom mapping software.

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    thats pretty sweet
    Progress here:


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      Good work!, I am a Volvo and a computer fan myself. I've got a 94 940 Turbo wagon now, once I get the money I will be installing a computer and a screen into it. I'm just gathering ideas now. I'm going to base it on my old P3 1GHz laptop that's missing the screen.

      Good job on the install, Have you got over 200k miles yet? I've had 3 240's all of them with over 200K miles on them. Great cars, just can't kill them.

      Keep up the good work!

      Andrew Woods


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        I wanted to get a 240. Then I ran across a Plymouth Voyager for $100, my wallett liked that better. Now my wife is pushing me to get rid of at least 1 of my 4 vehicles.

        By the way, nice car.


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          car computer rev 5: 8" lilliput and usual suspects


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            It warms my heart to se a well-preserved Volvo. The 240's are the most common car around here(duh!). I'm considering my first mp3pc (p166 mp3 only) for my winterbeater, a Volvo 340
            My cars


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              im all about the volvo. That hidden compartment in the back is where mine's located right now too.
              I hope the mods don't realize I can still post.


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                I have a volvo 240 se break myself.
                I already got all the hardware except my xenarc touch screen ( for wich I will have to drive to the other side of the country) and am now writing some software for it.
                My hardware :
                ASUS Pundit case
                Celeron 2.4 Ghz
                256 MB Ram
                Hauppauge Tuner

                I will post pics when I got them.
                What I actually wanted to say was : I love that car, I love that car.

                Unfortunately I can't put the pc where you put yours ('LPG installation is there) but the great thing about this car is it has a hidden compartiment that looks like it is made especially for the asus pundit case .
                If only I could figure out what the previous owner did with the cables that go to the amplifier. I have been following one cable through the entire car discovering it goes to the speaker not 60 cm from the amplifier itsself. I hope I get this figured out.


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                  I love those Volvo wagons. I wish my parents didn't sell our last one.


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                    Originally posted by Cherub211
                    I love those Volvo wagons. I wish my parents didn't sell our last one.
                    my parents sold theirs to me.
                    Divorce, at least, is good for something ....


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                      i have a volvo

                      440 turbo, i bet none of you americans have heard or even seen it


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                        Dude I love it!

                        I love pc installs in old cars.


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                          Now that's what I'm talkin' bout! :P

                          I've got my carmp3 in a white 244 right now....need to custom the LCD into the dash and then I'll be done.

                          Also considering a 350 v8 swap....


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                            Question, why do you Americans call it a "Station Wagon" while us UK folks call it an "estate"




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                              Originally posted by belmontboy
                              i have a volvo

                              440 turbo, i bet none of you americans have heard or even seen it
                              I've seen one.