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2002 Dodge Quad Cab

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  • 2002 Dodge Quad Cab

    This is my CURRENTLY finished project. I guess I really couldn't call it finished. Just waiting on more $. Thanks to everyone for their great posts that made this project possible.

    You can view it here:


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    Nice. Love where you place the MB.

    Need more pics, man!!!
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      Thanks...I am working on more pics soon!


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        Nice Project!

        I've got a 2002 Quad and may try your install. Did you have any power fluctuations with the power converters?


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          The only time I have problems is when I play for over 1 to 1.5 hours without the truck running. When the battery voltage drops too low the inverters will shut down. Other than that they work 98% of the time. I took a 10hr trip (10 hr each way) and they worked flawlessly. I want an Opus DC-DC power supply but cant afford 1 right now. Oh...the first power supply I used died after about 4 weeks of use. I do not know why. Only thing I can figure is that the PS was about 7 years old.


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            Why an Ops?

            I've heard of these before. Why is this brand preferred?


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              Opus has a built in power regulator, shutdown controller and survives cranks. It is everything anybody would want for a PSU w/out having to pull out the soldering iron and building your own. I currently run a PW-120 and ITPS and I am not too happy w/ it, I'm seriously thinking about selling mine off and getting an OPSU.

              Oh ya by the way Wolfman nice install!!
              New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!