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Holden Vs Commodore Berlina

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  • Holden Vs Commodore Berlina

    Im thinking its called the
    It would be ideal if i actually had a p3...... lolz.... ah its good aint it

    Finally put a page together. excuse the crudity as I am just learning html.

    Feedback welcomed....

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    Nice good to see more and more aussies getting into it :P

    i'm working my beast of a system into a VR Berlina most probably..


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      Suggestion, You may want to smudge out your number plate. You never know who is lurking
      Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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        nghe.... wots to steal.... total spent $300
        newaiz anybody who goes and starts putting fingers in the the wrong spot is in for a bit of a surprise. =].

        I still don't get the whole number plate thingy. like people blur the plate out on there car that is all worked.... like why 4. you can tell when a car is worth going for, I think a VS berlina, stock as a rock. 3 meters off the ground doesn't cry out to be hit up.


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          hahah go aussies

          i just found this place im thinking of making one of the touch screen setups for my skyline


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            project out of car due to technical difficulties..... (meaning i blew it up.) now looking for somthing bigger and better.... prolli end up with a 233 p2. I'll keep in touch. I'll tell ya, I hate cd's. I haven't used em for a few months, and i know why!!!! I need my mp3