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  • Workin on it....

    Havent had much time to work on it but my girlfriend snaped some pics the other day I thaught I might share.

    right now im running everything off my laptop old *** 166 but it plays mp3s fine and netstumbler so it works.

    The screen is a Kogi 14.1 that I got off ebay.

    I had to use heater contols out of a 99 blazer which were a pain because they changed the order of the vacume lines.

    I dont have any b4 pictures but if any of you have seen a stock 97 GMC jimmy thats what it looked like b4 I started to mold the dash part. I moled the buttons of the screen in to the left side of the dash part. Ill post some better picks when I get around to working on it again.

    I plan on putting a touch pad in the centerconsole and cd drive too when I put the full featured computer in.
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    It looks great. I wish my dash had been wide enough to do that some place.

    The heater controls are a little ghetto, but so are mine
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      Yea like i said I havent finished it. They wont look ghetto when its done


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        It will look real nice when its done.
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          damn! :impressed: :jealous:
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