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My project with the carputer in a din slot

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  • My project with the carputer in a din slot

    click here for a larger photo

    My carputer installed into the dash. Next week my lilliput screen will be trimmed into my dash baord and my project will be fully completed :-)

    BTW the cable you can see is for the screen and will be hidden when the screen is fitted.

    7" lillput Touchscreen
    1Ghz mini itx
    256 memory
    20Gb H/D
    eBay GPS unit
    infrared unit running (glider) to kenwood streeing wheel remote
    custom 8V-18V power regulator made by
    (in glove box)
    and finally running the ultimate carputer software MediaCar (thanx coyote)

    All running from a din sized slot.
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    Awesome u could go into production with that thing. :P

    How much did u pay for tha custom made PSU?

    It aint no family car.

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        ive been looking at the c134 case a lot for my own install on a 99 honda civic si, but heres my question, how do u get the audio out to your car speakers and is there any loss in quality, and do you have to keep the am/fm tuner in there ? or is yours just in there for some reason?


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          holy **** man, got more pics? I wanna see the insides of that thing, because from the outside it just looks sweeeet
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            This is nothing new, this is what you call the casetronic c134/137 case. It is a din sized case sold on many different websites. Nice install.


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              aye, just noticed that. i guess most search engines dont link to casetronic.

              too bad i dont have ample space behind the dashboard to install this case
              New Lilliput EBY701 For Sale
              SiRF3 Bluetooth GPS


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                sweet jesus that pic is huge...

                but I still dont see the lilli

                very clean very pimp

                I give it a 7.8 on what I saw
                depending on the screen location and installation it could be a 8 or 8.5
                Originally posted by menudude
                thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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                  Can you give a litle more data about that custom PSU.

                  Love the casetronic. Looks sweeettt..
                  Ikea Case. Epia M10000.M1-ATX. 512 Mb. 2,5" 80 GB HDD. 7" Lilliput. BU-303 GPS. Sony Joystick.
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                  Lilliput Installed (not indash yet..)
                  BraveCar 2.5


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                    Nice one son!

                    I must say berty, that this is an outstanding piece of kit. Can you help me make one?
                    My Carputer set Up:

                    Mini-ITX black GA610i, computer case
                    Nehemiah EPIA M 10000 ,motherboard
                    80 Gb ,hard drive
                    DVD ,drive
                    256mb ,memory
                    150w, Opus power supply
                    GPS unit
                    7" lilliput touchscreen
                    Mappoint 2004
                    Media Car


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                      nice, wat model alpine deck is that?

                      u connect the comp to the deck via the aux input?
                      is there an adapter needed?
                      2 phono plugs in the back correct?

                      please lat me know


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                        Yep can u post a url to ur setup...i am seriously thinking about getting that case
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                          Hey Man, can you please post some info on your PSU? Does it survive cranking?

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                          |Epia m10000 w. 256mb
                          |20gb 2.5,slimDVD
                          |Morex Cubid 3688+ITPS
                          |Lilliput VGA+Touchscreen


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                            I must be a dumba**, 'cause that link isn't working for me.


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                              Originally posted by alia176
                              I must be a dumba**, 'cause that link isn't working for me.

                              no, it's broken
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