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Toyota Celica GT Four ST185 Carputer Initial Pictures

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  • Toyota Celica GT Four ST185 Carputer Initial Pictures

    A few pictures of my install Needless to say the boot needs a tidy, and the car needs a vacuum !

    Im yet to fit the second gauge hence the gap below the screen.

    I have made a mdf cover for all the kit in the boot, its mounted on the back seat but im yet to fit it.

    Comments Welcome

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    oooh, cool.

    Hows the angle for the screen regarding reading it (for GPS, of course) from the driving seat/while driving?

    I've seen a lot of installs where the LCD is mounted down near the gearstick, that ok for glancing down at then back at the road?

    (oh yeah, and since you're in UK, could you perhaps list the prices you got your components for and if you can be bothered where from? Im looking to go with replacing my head unit completly with just an amp too)



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      NICE install, looks great. The only gripe I would have is the wiring mess, but I'm sure that you'll clean that up eventually, maybe put the system in some form of a case so that it is as nice as the rest of your car. Very nice install!!!
      New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!


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        Lcd from cost 210 i think. -board m10000 110 - itsp & pw70a $90
        amp - ebay 50
        audigy2 40
        usb gps - ebay 39

        I have made a mdf box to fit it all into a nice enclosed no wire install :-)

        More pics soon