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My carputer version 2

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  • My carputer version 2

    It'd been a while since version 1 View here

    Since then, I've added 7" touchsreen Lilliput screen, Deluo GPS USB-to-Serial unit, OBD-2 scan tool, Boss DVD/VCD/MP3 head unit with A/V input and volume control, MediaCar software (THANKS a million, Coyote), MS Mappoint 2004.

    Well, pics worth thousand worlds, so here:

    Lilliput screen built-in the dash, painted the face:

    Playing MP3 song with Vis on:


    The whole dash, (sorry for the blurry pic, I was happy...:-)

    MS Mappoint running:

    Deluo GPS on the dashboard:

    Playing Mp3 songs (Thanks Mindtool for the FireSkull skin):

    Dashboard using ODB-2 tool:

    Here is another one:

    Playing DVD without using the carputer:

    Lastly, here is my car with * VIS carbon fiber hood.
    * Customed grill.
    * Tokico Blue Gas Shock
    * Votgland Spring
    * Drilled & Slotted rotors
    * Axxis brake pads all around.
    * TRD rear sway bar
    * 18" Konig Verdict with Ventus 225/40/18 tires.
    * TRD bodykit.
    * Clear front corner signal.
    * Carbon fiber real lights.

    ================================================== =======

    Thanks for viewing.

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    im jealous, thats a beautiful car and a gorgeous install there...i cant think of anything to criticize on that because im in awe..
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      Very nice. Toyota makes good cars.
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      GPSing - Digital Speedo
      Relocating headunit and extending faceplate
      Button app to Alt-Tab between two programs


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        Looks great. Only pitty is that the pictures are very dark....


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          very nice, which OBD-2 program are you using. and how much and which connector are you using also, if you don't mind me asking?
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            Originally posted by chut
            very nice, which OBD-2 program are you using. and how much and which connector are you using also, if you don't mind me asking?
            i had the same question as chut.

            Great install nthai! Solara looks very clean -- the way it should look! (i love the lowered stance)

            very clean install looks like it came like that from the factory or somebody did a very $$$ install. have you had any problems with the lilliput?

            getting parts and research together

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              Looks awesome, good work!



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                Thanks guys for leaving a positive notes. It means a lot after spending countless of hours working on the system.

                To peeps with questions:

                * I use the software downloading directly from the I bought the tool there, ISO for Euro, Asian, Chry - and cost $122.
                * As for the Lilliput screen, I bought it from Crystar's group buy in this forum. I guess I was one of the lucky ones, I haven't had any problem with mine yet. No ghost screen, nothing weird at all.

                Btw, the USB-to_serial Deluo GPS works very well with MediaCar/ Mapppoint 04, and it works wonderfully after hibernating...



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                  Do you have any day pics of the tv install? Very nice by the way. Do you ever go to RI? I see a car that looks exactly like yours in RI sometimes.


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                    how difficult was it to move the head unit from the stock location?
                    Any snags or recommendations youd like to give?


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                      Nice job!
                      Check out the shop if your in the Maryland DC VA Area

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                        why only the rear sway bar?

                        you'll get better handleing with both or at least the front...
                        but I bet your *** is alot tighter now though...

                        (if anyone takes that sexual you need help)
                        Originally posted by menudude
                        thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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                          hi, what car is that? I havenīt seen it in Europe, nice, really nice.
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                            Um it looks like a Toyota Solara. Im not sure if thats in Europe but its in the US