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306 with 15" screen

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  • 306 with 15" screen

    Here's a few early pics of the new dashboard, has come along a bit since the photos were taken, will update soon
    if you can't find time to do it right, when are you gonna find time to do it over.

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    Looks like it is coming on nicely, and the design has had some good though put into it.
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      coming on great, if you complete it like your speakers.. *LOL*
      do you still hear police siren? ;-) very nice!
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        Liking it, so how much has the car + setup cost you so far?

        Looking into buying a Pug 306, my Astra keeps leaving me stranded in dark places. Grr!


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          What are you using to Power all that ?????Nuclear energy!!!
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            the cost, sense has gone out of the window on that scale, started small, got bigger, went mad, then decided a PC was the best way of getting everything i needed.

            There is a picture of the engine bay were 2 big *** batteries went, these are getting replaced with DETA orbitals to power the stereo etc..

            nearly finished the dashboard tonight, gonna have another test fit 2moro to get the PSU and inverter sorted
            if you can't find time to do it right, when are you gonna find time to do it over.


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              What's the brand / cost of the 6x9" speakers, looking for some good replacements for my car.


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                Wow, that is very impressive looking. I wonder how well a hard drive will hold up in there with all of that rattling going on.. lol :thumbsup:
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                  the 7x10's are kenwood, the whole stereo is kenwood, not the greatest but not the worst by far.

                  spent a long time looking into the vibration aspect of the ahrd drive and have decided to mount the drive in 1 of those rubber shock mount adapter cases you can get, should hold up to the job......fingers crossed
                  if you can't find time to do it right, when are you gonna find time to do it over.


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                    Had a look at your dashboard build on your website, where are you gonna relocate your heater controls...or are you just not gonna bother with em?



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                      wat the status on this bad boy?


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                        I have never seen so many 6x9s in a car ever..I like it!

                        Could you do me a favor, post a diagram of your entire system like how you have it laid out..I like your install. You put aot of effort into it and it shows.


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                          I have one question for you...

                          Just how big is your alternator?

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